We enhance the windows!

We enhance the windows!

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In the house, the windows require just as much decorative attention as the rest of the walls. Only, you must know how to highlight them taking into account the model of your window. To help you, we give you ideas to make your windows decorative assets!

Fabric blinds

To dress an old window, we avoid too modern curtains and we offer very light fabric blinds that have a charm of yesteryear with ribbons to retain and adjust them as you wish.

Lined curtains

In a room of good size, one can opt for two pairs of curtains which will stage the windows on two different rods. The idea is to choose dark curtains on which you will place lighter models.

Colorful window frames

In this white room, we chose to paint black window frames to bring out the openings in the house. The windows bring a very modern and graphic style.

Design windows

In this designer kitchen, the windows with dark frames are dressed in a sleek and fairly rigid blind that fits perfectly with the rest of the decoration. The opening is thus in perfect harmony with the room.

Curtains hung on the ceiling

If one of your walls has a very large glass surface, you can play the theatrical card by betting on very large curtains that you will fix on a rod on the ceiling and which will cover the entire wall.

Patterned curtains

To enhance your windows, nothing like patterned curtains that will create a decorative effect on your opening. Do not hesitate to match the patterns of the curtains with the rest of the decor for a beautiful harmony.

Curtains the same color as the walls

If you want your windows to fit in your room as well as possible, you can play with colors. So, by choosing curtains of the same color as the walls, you will get windows that blend in with the decor.

Colorful curtains

Curtains are a good way to bring color into your interior. By opting for bright colors, you will breathe a warm atmosphere into your room because the light will reflect the color.

Curtains coordinated with the decor

For a very decorative atmosphere that will bring out your windows, you can opt for curtains in a color that will match an element of decoration in your room. Your windows will then be perfectly integrated. More ideas for windows by clicking here!


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