Bright headboards

Bright headboards

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When the time comes to slip into bed after a long day of work, we swap the intense lighting for dim lights, more conducive to relaxation and rest. To create a soft and soothing atmosphere, there are of course, the traditional lampshades and candles ... but also bright headboards! A very original addition to the bedroom.

Light on an ultra design headboard

Goal ### Design in sight! This headboard from the new But collection captivates us with its resolutely original look. A white / blue light curve graces it gracefully, gently illuminating the room. Heart stroke.

Small discreet but practical lights

Goal ### The headboard has two mini neon lights at its ends so as not to be jealous when it comes to lighting within the couple! With these very discreet little lights, we would almost do without bedside lamps.

Hidden lighting, dim lighting

Delamaison ### Concealing two luminous supports behind it, this headboard in white lacquered diffuses as if by magic, very soft lighting, ideal for a reading break before switching off the lights. A bright idea from Delamaison to remember.

Neon integrated in the headboard

Goal ### Inside this headboard hides a neon, neither seen nor known! When night falls, it diffuses a soft light through the fine opening. The space in the room is well defined, reading is facilitated.