The wooden shelf, must of the season

The wooden shelf, must of the season

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For fall / winter 2013-2014, a piece of furniture is doing well: the wooden shelf or bookcase takes over all the interiors! Warm spirit, design lines and Nordic inspiration, the new wooden shelves have it all. Discover them in pictures.

A classic shelf

Conforama To be on trend, no need to look far because the classic wooden shelf will also be in the race. We prefer it very large and in light wood to play the card of Nordic design.

An XXL shelf

Fly So that your wooden shelf gives style to your decor, you can bet on a XXL version model that will spread over an entire wall to dress it in style. Do not hesitate to play with different heights.

Storage shelves

Fly Also think that you can opt for two or three shelves that you will place on a wall panel in order to play the card of accumulation. Your wall will be dressed and very trendy!

A mobile shelf

La Redoute Who said that a shelf should be frozen? With this model, the wooden shelf is mobile and plays the partitions throughout the house. Clean, it offers an industrial touch with its casters which make it very functional.

A graphic shelf

Aim To decorate your walls, paintings are not the only solution. On the contrary, with a bookshelf worthy of the name, you will dress a section of wall. By choosing a destructured model, you will also give it a graphic style.

A staircase shelf

Purpose Do you want to delimit two spaces in your living room? The wooden shelf will meet your wishes. In order not to weigh down the space, we put on a model in the shape of a staircase which will perfectly highlight some decorative objects.

An industrial version wooden shelf

Alinéa Do you want your wooden shelf to refine the style of your interior? You will then opt for a rather raw wooden model which will combine with some metal parts. It seems to be home made with wooden panels mounted on metal lockers.

A retro shelf

Maisons du monde What if you mix two strong decoration trends? By opting for a library with retro lines you will make a full box in the house. We love the air lines of this piece of furniture thanks to the sleek feet.

A totem shelf

Maisons du monde Also know that your wooden bookcase can truly transform into a decorative totem as is the case with this model which stacks up different boxes of very textured wood.


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