Small but decorative lounges

Small but decorative lounges

A living room can be small and cute. For this, it is important to create an atmosphere in the room and accessorize it with well-chosen decorative elements. We let you take a tour of these very decorative mini salons!

A trip to the galaxy

Castorama You have never seen all the constellations so close as with this starry wall! The black of the room adds a dose of mystery and the galaxy-shaped lamp and the black cushion complete the theme. As for the armchairs, they seem comfortable to admire the planets with friends.

A lounge for young teenagers

Castorama This interior could be that of a young adult who takes off and recreates her teenage bedroom in her apartment with colorful cushions and curtains. This multicolored pouffe completes the set.

Modern and classic at the same time

Schmidt This living room demonstrates that you can give life to a small room in gray tones. All you need is a beautiful beige carpet, white shelves and lockers with light wooden doors to purify the whole. We're melting!

Different colored walls

Goal To bring a little joy to this living room which has bet on gray furniture and accessories, adopt two different colors for the main walls. Here, a bright blue faces a khaki green for a most successful result!

Orange everywhere

Loggia Back in the 1950s with this Norman Rockwell-style drawing room. The orange sofa stands out from the mustard yellow wall. The cushions and lockers are the multicolored touch. This is a small living room that does not go unnoticed!

A star lounge

SIA It almost looks like a movie set. The excess of round, triangular or oval shapes gives an impression of too much, well done thanks to the spiral carpet, the falling chandelier and the mixture of blue sofas and sofa. Flat: the wide curtains increase the feeling of overflow.

The return of brown leather

Alinéa It seemed old-fashioned but it is making a comeback in the salons. Brown leather is trendy and easy to match with a brick effect wall and a small solid wood stool for an authentic style of this living room.

Like dogs and cats

Purpose To opt for such a decor, you have to love animals because the total dog and cat look can be found on the paintings, the cushions, the chest of drawers and the screen. But these accessories blend into the room with blue and white tones and sleek furniture that brings a little freshness.

Nature and greenery

Leroy Merlin We can imagine the incense that perfumes this show. This very natural decor gives a feeling of calm. The teak coffee table matches the dark gray sofa and the small candles do their job. A pretty and small living room as we like.

Touches of originality

Ikea In a small living room, don't be afraid to dare a touch of originality on the wall by displaying all your souvenir photos as wallpaper. Add a golden mirror to the old look, and voila!

A note of color

Ikea To ventilate a small living room, it is important to bet on light colors such as white and pale gray. But for fear of creating an atmosphere that is too cold, add a little color like this orange fabric sofa that sets the tone!

A dressing room

Ikea In a small apartment, the living room often has to offer a few square centimeters for other functions such as here where it gives up a little space for a dressing room. For everything to be harmonious, you just need to choose white curtains or those that recall the fabric of the cushions placed on the sofa.

Surprising patterns

Ikea To give a unique look to your small living room, dare the surprising patterns on your sofa! In black and white, they easily energize a narrow room.

A colorful sofa

Ikea The best way to create a real universe in a small living room is to stage a truly unique piece like this variegated sofa that may surprise more than one!