Small smart storage for the workspace

Small smart storage for the workspace

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To work better, a tidy desk is essential, we know that. An orderly and healthy working environment will allow you to better organize your ideas and be more efficient. For that, we found you 10 small smart storage for office, practical and aesthetic, to organize you in style!

A Zen office with white and cork

Ikea For a Zen office, prefer the combination of white and cork. A minimalist but effective range composed of stacking boxes of various sizes in which you can store paper clips, rubber bands, business cards. The right solution so that nothing lags behind you.

Metal and color to organize the office

AM.PM Do you also have a phobia about filing administrative papers? Believe it will happen to you with these pretty colored metal boxes. Green for apartment papers, red for insurance papers… and then file vertically, it's the solution for storage, it's not me who said it, it's Marie Kondo (author of the bestseller, * La Magie du Rangement *).

A brushed gold finish pencil holder

Ferm Living The days of pencils mixed with felt-tip pens and pens are now over with this "multi-pots" of pencils. On a structure, several pots assembled to sort your tools, all with a brushed gold finish for a chic side.

The authenticity of the wood

Fleux 'We love this desk storage that combines practicality and style. No more clutter, in a single element you can now store mail, pens, paper clips ... Followers of minimalism will be more than delighted.

A brass panel

ComingB To clear the work plan, why not suspend your office supplies? Eureka! This brass panel once fixed to the wall will accommodate and organize all your equipment and leave room for an immaculate work plan.

Scandinavian simplicity

Ikea For a sleek and Scandinavian effect, fall for this clear and well-stocked wooden collection that will look great on your desk. Storage for pencils, mail, documents ... everything has been planned to offer you an organized and decorative workspace.

Cardboard in all its forms

Tiger Paper Store, file, store and admire the efficiency of these small cardboard boxes. This set of 6 folding boxes without glue, nails or screws will allow you to put away your odds and ends in no time.

Paper shelves

Papier Tigre These 2 pre-folded boxes of recycled cardboard to mount yourself and push the wall will allow you to sort your mail easily and without losing space. There are different colors to satisfy all tastes.

Color to tidy up the desk

Ikea No more dull office! Thanks to these storage elements, we tidy up our workspace and brighten it up at the same time: perfect for motivating us.


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