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Candlesticks resume service

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Formerly very appreciated, the candlesticks gradually fell into disuse. With the arrival of electricity, the candles lost their interest. But the brands have understood that the wave of vintage had come upon us to the delight of the decor. Classic or original, unique or multiple, the designers have thought of everything to seduce us to the end of the flame.

Transparency in the spotlight

Made in Design At Made in Design, we also take inspiration from the Renaissance to create an original chandelier. Except that here, it is its simple motif which is reproduced on a tinted plexiglass plate. In the light, this cutout creates a shadow where we find the original silhouette.

Alice in Wonderland

Artecnica The most original of us can fall for this collection inspired by the book of Lewis Carroll, pen name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson. We find the rabbit always late, and its band of animals just as cheerful and offbeat.

The underwater table

Driade Kosmo We draw inspiration from the depths of 20,000 places under the sea, to create a table decoration in connection with this coral chandelier. In red tones, it will go very well with purple or blue napkins, on a large white tablecloth. Alone, he does almost all the table decoration.

Time bomb

Chris Kabel Chris Kabel's chandelier revives memories of the past by offering gas ignition. Indeed, a simple push button allows to light the three "candles", which are not likely to melt and stain your side table.

Biped in love

Made in Design Like a couple united in the face of adversity, these chandeliers will be enough to seduce couples in love for romantic dinners in the light of a candle.

Royal octopus

The source collection The least reluctant will dare to put it directly on the table, the others will leave it in the library or a room for a humorous touch. This 8-branch octopus, if it is not in very good taste, will at least have the advantage of entertaining your guests. Decoration is also knowing how to have fun, even if it's kitsch.

Refined concrete

Menu Concrete and interior decoration have not always been very good friends. However, in recent years the latter has made a spectacular entry into the house: first on the floor or on the walls for an industrial effect, we find it today in much finer and more delicate pieces of design.

Minimalist geometric

Mogens Lassen Simple but effective, this chandelier, creation of Mogens Lassen, knows how to be discreet when not in use, but once its long candles are lit, it highlights the whole table. Multiplied by 4 or in solitary format, we have it everywhere, for a minimalist decoration.

Contemporary elegance

Xavier Lust For a chic dinner with family or friends, we don't hesitate any longer and let ourselves be tempted by this chandelier from which we can separate the feet and arrange them everywhere, or on the contrary unite them in the center of the table contemporary.


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