10 styles of kitchen worktops

10 styles of kitchen worktops

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Daily tool, the work plan must be resistant, practical, hygienic and as long as to do, as much as it is beautiful! Laminate, glass, wood, stainless steel, quartz ... there are many different materials to be robust but also to participate in the decoration of the kitchen. But, this essential element of the room also wants to be functional and ingenious to save you time and space. Here is our selection of 10 styles of worktops, design models, innovative or more traditional.

A snack corner on the worktop

Leroy Merlin To optimize the space in an open kitchen, this worktop has a snack area, which can be used both as a cutting board and a dining area for lunch on the go. Furthermore, the wood goes very well with the white surface and gives a Scandinavian style to the kitchen.

A geometric island

Porcelanosa In this American kitchen, the central island is very original. The marble effect worktop is imposing but retains a playful aspect thanks to its extension which offers an unusual dining area in the kitchen. Remember to protect the sharp end of the latter if you have young children.

A stainless steel worktop

César kitchen For lovers of professional kitchens, the stainless steel worktop is both design and very contemporary. It allows food to be cooked on the work surface without the risk of scratches and goes very well in a modern black, gray or taupe kitchen.

Color in the kitchen

Leroy Merlin This golden yellow brightens up a slightly dark room and energizes the kitchen for the laziest of you. The colored worktop is also a good solution to bring color and warmth to the space without completely renovating the room.

A sliding worktop

Faure Agencement Here is an innovative and very practical model in a small kitchen. The wooden worktop (right) slides to hide the sink when you don't need it. The island is therefore transformed into a more compact work surface to better unfold as you wish.

Immaculate cuisine

Asko White cuisine is always on trend, and for good reason, it takes on a timeless and timeless color. The worktop must then be united - with a marble effect for a more elegant look - and literally blends in with the decor.

A two-color work plan

Cuisinella If you have trouble deciding on the color of your new work plan or if you want to distinguish a kitchen part and a part dedicated to meals, opt for a two-color work plan, favoring the lighter shade for the corner meal. Add bar stools for a more bistro look.

A quartz worktop

Caesar cooking Quartz is a very resistant material, which can be of several different colors. A gray or pink model will go very well with a porcelain sink and wooden kitchen furniture while a white model will be more harmonious with a stainless steel sink and lacquered fronts.

A laminated work plan

Leroy Merlin If the laminate countertop in the kitchen is inexpensive, it can also have an aged metal finish which gives an industrial look to the room. Add black sconces, utensils and vintage decorative items and voila!