I want an original washbasin cabinet!

I want an original washbasin cabinet!

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If you find that the washbasin furniture is not very aesthetic, know that there are original models that will bring a very decorative style to your bathroom. Here are 5 trendy pieces of furniture to inspire you!

A console cabinet

Espace Aubade ### To bring a touch of elegance to your bathroom, you can choose a piece of furniture that takes the form of a console in which your sink is housed. The furniture is then feminine and very airy.

A wall cabinet

Espace Aubade ### To take up no space on the floor while being practical and decorative, think of the furniture that attaches to the wall like a shelf. The basin is then placed directly on the worktop and you have a drawer for storage.

Furniture on legs

Espace Aubade ### To give a side that is both industrial and quite masculine, you can choose to leave the structure of the sink visible. This can thus give a metal base with a few shelves to put towels.

A double piece of furniture

Espace Aubade ### To bring a very futuristic and original side to the bathroom, you can opt for an original piece of furniture that sets out to match the double sink. Here the rounded lines create originality.


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