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Explorer decor for little boys

Explorer decor for little boys

Because little boys only dream of setting out to conquer the world, they are offered an explorer's room which will not fail to develop their imagination. Discover 5 rooms in pictures.

A room for safari lovers

Vertbaudet ### Africa fascinates your child? We then put on a room on the theme of safaris with animals from the savannah like the giraffe and warm colors reminiscent of the hot climate of Africa.

A room for nature explorers

La Redoute ### To echo nature in the child's bedroom, bet on a decoration that highlights green in a camouflage spirit to better blend into the natural world.

A globetrotter room

La Redoute ### If your child dreams of crossing the seas, opt for a room with soft blue tones. For decoration, bet on a world map to always find your way, a boat as an emblem and a trunk to take all the treasures.

Explorer's room

Maisons du monde ### Finally, if your child has the soul of an explorer of the new lands, take inspiration from the colonial style for his bedroom furniture with dark wood and natural colors. In terms of decoration, choose naturalist boards and old trunks.