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The Thank you Party Plate

The Thank you Party Plate

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Last night, the editorial staff made a jump at the famous Parisian concept store Merci on the occasion of its Pique-Assiette Party. We were able to discover more than 5,000 pieces of porcelain, created and staged by designer Paola Navone. Always looking for influences from all over the world, she offers a mixture of styles and cultures to her dishes. Difficult not to crack!


The figures make their show in our decor and at Paole Navone, it is on the plates that they take place in a very refined golden version.


We love this tableware with subtle colorful touches that will have no trouble invigorating a slightly bland table. Why not take it out on Sunday for a brunch with friends?

Ethnic chic

Bring a bohemian air to your table with these ethnic plates. We, we are literally under the spell of the turquoise color which will bring a poetic touch to your table.


Do you want originality? These plates crossed by a small washing line and a few clips will make you crack!


Too cute these little milk jugs! We love the "paint try" effect which gives them a real decorative touch.


The charm of the old seduces and the plates with a rustic look created by Paola Navone meet our desires for authenticity.

Zoom on the flowery model

These plates decorated with pretty roses remind us of those of our grandmothers. But on closer inspection, you realize that the flowers here have a pixelated effect for the note of modernity. Nice, right?

Red border

A small graphic pattern, a red border for the chic touch, it takes no more to create elegant dishes that we use every day!

In memory

These plates and cups designed by Paola Navone are greatly inspired by the "I Love" souvenir t-shirts that are found in many large cities. Here, London is in the spotlight. * Until November 15, 2014 All of the proceeds from this exceptional sale will be donated to the Merci Endowment Fund *