The Maisons du Monde decor for Christmas

The Maisons du Monde decor for Christmas

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Maisons du Monde also celebrates Christmas! The brand has dedicated a decorative range exclusively dedicated to end of year celebrations in which all desires are found. Polar Christmas, Christmas at the chalet, traditional Christmas, golden or silver Christmas… It's up to you!

Silver christmas

Maisons du Monde ### It has to shine… For those who dream of spending holidays under the sign of elegance and refinement, why not opt ​​for a decor dressed in silver? Garlands of pearls by candlestick passing by the table, this bias enchants us to end the year in style.

Christmas tradition

Maisons du Monde ### Head to Lapland to rediscover all the magic of a traditional Christmas! The trick? Let Santa's red coat decorate the tree and the windows: we fall back into childhood…

Golden christmas

Maisons du Monde ### Christmas balls, vases, mirrors, textiles… all of them wear their golden outfits for Christmas Eve, and make the living room sparkle… The result is chic and glamorous!

Christmas at the chalet

Maisons du Monde ### To meet the desires of escape in the high mountains at Christmas time, let us soak up the warm and natural atmosphere that reigns in the chalets! On the menu ? Wooden figurines to decorate the tree, and warm shades like beige or brown to dress cushions, throws and rugs. Make way for the sweetness of Christmas!


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