A chic gray interior to recreate at home

A chic gray interior to recreate at home

Do you want a chic interior that crosses the seasons and trends? We therefore suggest that you recreate this decor imagined by Heytens, which mixes beautiful designer pieces with a more classic atmosphere, all with gray as the common thread.

Shopping list: A designer sofa

La Redoute In this classic decor, the sofa with designer lines brings a more modern atmosphere and offers a timeless character to the whole by mixing influences. We opt for a dark gray model whose metal feet will create a surprise in the decor. La Redoute sofa

Shopping list: Rattan armchairs

Les 3 Suisses To mix influences, we do not choose armchairs to match the sofa but we opt for rattan models that will bring a warm touch to the whole thanks to the material. Les 3 Suisses armchair

Shopping list: Cushions on the sofa and armchairs

Ferm Living To give volume to the sofa and armchairs while giving a feeling of comfort, we multiply the cushions in a shades of gray. On the motif side, we can bet on a vegetable inspiration. Ferm Living Cushions

Shopping list: A plaid on the sofa

La Redoute Always to accessorize the room, we have a gray plaid on the sofa. Choose a model in soft and warm material like this La Redoute plaid. La Redoute Throw

Shopping list: A shaggy carpet

Maisons du monde To dress the room, we will place a very large shaggy carpet that we will choose in a very strong gray, or even black. Opt for the shaggy and its long hairs which bring a lot of warmth to the room. La Redoute carpet

Shopping list: Gray curtains

Heytens To dress the walls, we will play with a mix of blinds and curtains. Opaque white blinds will let in the light and the thick gray curtains will dress the windows and will be perfect after dark.

Shopping list: A stool as a coffee table

Ikea To break the codes of this interior, we do not choose a coffee table but rather a stool or a side table that will serve as a small side table near the sofa.

Shopping list: A chic light

Maisons du monde To create a beautiful atmosphere in your room, lighting will be important. We choose a floor lamp with a straight and gray shade that will take place on a metal stand. Chic effect guaranteed.

Shopping list: A brilliant vase

LSA International Finally, on a console or another piece of furniture, you can have a large shiny golden or silver vase that will bring a precious note to your decor.