The new 2014 Ambiance & Styles collection has arrived: our selection for less than 50 euros

The new 2014 Ambiance & Styles collection has arrived: our selection for less than 50 euros

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For its new collection, Ambiance et Styles has bet on a multitude of trends that seduce us when it comes to tableware. Contemporary and design for a chic, natural and fresh table, for a summer table, or even pop and ethnic to bring color, you are spoiled for choice to match your decor according to the event. Discover the latest news with these 10 photos.

Snack between girls

Atmosphere & Styles Atmosphere of tea room on this pretty table that we imagine perfectly for a snack with friends. Glass cake dish, teapots and small porcelain cups structure the decor, to the delight of your guests. Teapot: 39.90 euros Cake dish: 39 euros

Italian cuisine

Ambiance & Styles We are literally under the spell of these soup plates worthy of a great restaurant. You can easily see a lobster ravioli and its lobster bisque there… Yum!

A bucolic table

Ambiance & Styles Small flowers, leaves and suns invite themselves on these pretty graphic and colorful porcelain bowls. At breakfast or even as an aperitif they have their little effect, don't you think?

Colorful aperitif

Atmosphere & Styles It is not always easy to enhance your aperitif when you do not have the right utensils. It is now a question settled with these "aperitif bow" which allow us to prick all our skewers for a very successful decoration result.

Sea trip

Ambiance & Styles Are you looking forward to this summer for a sweet seaside vacation? Why wait when you can invite the sea to your table. Shellfish and crustaceans take care of the little decoration while the turquoise plates go perfectly with braided ivory placemats. We love !

Hammered tableware

Ambiance & Styles Ambiance & Styles signs a hammered aluminum collection reminiscent of silver oriental dishes. To give it a more contemporary look, it takes on a black color that goes very well with an ethnic tablecloth.

Ethnic patterns

Atmosphere & Styles Always in trend, ethnic motifs take over the table decor at breakfast time or a snack with these pretty colorful cups and teapots.

Spring decor

Ambiance & Styles Spring has indeed arrived at Ambiance & Styles, as this pretty, colorful and flowery table proves. We like the watercolor flower designs on the plates which make a breath of fresh air in the decor.

Pirates for the little ones

Atmosphere & Styles Little ones also have the right to dishes that let their imagination run wild when it comes to dining. We let ourselves be tempted by childish pirates on their cups, their plates and also on their snack box to show off in front of friends.