Handy storage around the tub

Handy storage around the tub

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The showers generally have a storage area where you can keep everything you need close at hand - towels, treatment creams, shower gel and shampoo -. The tubs cannot say the same. However, arranged in this way, they would become much more functional! Here are 20 possibilities to get there.

Thanks to a side table

Ikéa A coffee table, harness or trundle placed next to the bath allows its owner to access all care and beauty products without even moving an inch.

Thanks to XXL storage

Leroy Merlin This is a bathtub that has plenty of storage space close at hand. Surrounded by endless shelves, it is more than well equipped!

Thanks to the extension of the bathtub

Leroy Merlin The advantage of built-in baths is that you can extend the tiling beyond the bathable surface to deposit shower gel, beauty products and bath linen.

Thanks to hanging storage

Ikéa In a small bathroom, assigning a storage area to the bathtub also goes through the walls. Hanging, coat hooks and shelves thus occupy a minimum of space.

Through the window sill

Leroy Merlin When the bathtub is leaning against the window, the rim of the window becomes the storage area!

Thanks to a half partition

Saint Maclou Leaning against a half-height wall intended to delimit the space in the bathroom, the bathtub only has to reach out to catch what it needs! And for good reason, even if it means semi-partitioning the premises, the said low wall is also a shelf…

Thanks to storage shelves overhanging it

Leroy Merlin Installed alongside miss bathtub, a column of shelves embedded in the wall gives it a very practical storage space.

Thanks to built-in storage

Leroy Merlin In this bathtub, the adjacent wall has been dug to provide built-in storage space.

Thanks to the vanity unit furniture

Leroy Merlin When the bathtub closely follows the master sink, the storage space is none other than the cabinet under or over the basin!

A piece of furniture integrated into your bathtub

LYVIA This corner bathtub has been specially designed to accommodate a practical storage space to access all of its products!

Integrated drawers

Perla The Perla bathtub offers its owners three drawers and four niches to store and have all your bath products on hand. Ideal when a large family shares the only bathroom in the house!

Lockers to store your products

Cuisinella A few centimeters from your bathtub, you can install furniture designed to store beauty products and towels. If your belongings are numerous, also think of wall lockers which remain the simplest trick to save space.

Shelves at your fingertips

Castorama For this corner bathtub, it is ideal to provide wall shelves next to it to arrange the beauty products. You can also take advantage of the angle to continue the shelf on two sides of the wall.

Small tablets

Axor To avoid cluttering your bathroom with shelves, you can install these small shelves to store most of your products. It doesn't take up much space and saves you from scattering your stuff.

Built-in shelves

Castorama When designing your bathroom, consider digging shelves into your wall. This will allow you to slide in beauty products accessible from the bathtub. Also install small recessed lights to create an intimate atmosphere.

A stool for storage

Ikea A woman's beauty products are often aesthetic and bring charm to a bathroom. When you have a nice round bathtub, you can be clever and install a stool on the floor nearby where you can put your shampoos and shower gels.

A sliding tray

Resilience On a rectangular bathtub, you can have a removable tray to dispose of your main beauty products. Once installed in the bath, you have everything available and you can also move it easily.

A practical bench

Scandilodge To accompany this pretty wooden chalet-style bathtub, a small bench, also in raw wood, has been installed. We love the result!

Handy towel racks

Ikea When you take a bath or shower, you like to have your laundry available. Thanks to these towel racks, you can hang items on the wall and therefore save the most space.