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Secrets of "Beautiful gardens": medieval atmosphere in the garden

Secrets of "Beautiful gardens": medieval atmosphere in the garden

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Ah, how many images come to mind when we say the word "Middle Ages"! There are certainly those of food shortages, wars and epidemics which indeed marked this period. But, there are also - stronger still? -, those of the beautiful ladies with high headdresses and long dresses, of a life full of art and poetry, of an attention paid to the seasons, of peaceful relationships in man and nature. In the medieval garden, the stone is hollowed out to receive the water from the fountain, the hazel sapling bends to offer its support to a climbing plant, medicinal plants rub shoulders with vegetables and flowers, the latter of which are also valued for their beauty or flavor than for their therapeutic properties. It is this atmosphere and this poetry that the medieval-inspired gardens are trying to recreate today.

Colombier Garden

Le Colombier - Arthus The symbolism of the Bible is very present in medieval-inspired gardens. Here, in the heart of this same Colombier Garden, an octagonal basin gives birth to four jets which start from the four cardinal points and which each represent one of the four rivers of paradise: the Tiger, the Euphrates, the Gihon and the Pishon . The visit to the Jardin du Colombier continues here!

Medieval garden of Saint-Suzanne

J-F. Mahé Plessing is the queen technique in the medieval garden. It allows for borders that symbolically delimit the space of each plant. A slate label, adorned with stylized designs reminiscent of the art of illuminations, finishes giving this tone "of the old days". The Medieval Garden of Sainte-Suzanne is home to many creations in this spirit.

Medieval garden of Sainte-Suzanne

J-F. Mahé Like what, when the idea is there, nature only has to comply! Here, the chestnut sapling willingly bent to the exercise of style offered by this outdoor bench, 100% natural, recyclable ... and comfortable! To taste the pleasure of sitting there, go to the Medieval Garden of Sainte-Suzanne.

Cormatin Gardens

J-F. Mahé The vegetable gardens that adorn this beautiful house are a perfect example of the art of medieval gardens. Vegetables rub shoulders with their companion flowers and form pleasantly colored geometric patterns on the ground. Plowing is also an art perfectly consumed here, as evidenced by the very many constructions that dot this part of the area. To continue visiting this sumptuous garden, it's here!

Notre Dame d'Orsan Priory

François Berraldacci Here we are at the Notre Dame d'Orsan Priory, a garden where breaths, intact, an inspiration straight from the Middle Ages. What rigor and style in this raised vegetable garden, designed in the form of pleated squares allowing gardening at breast height!

Notre Dame d'Orsan Priory

François Berraldacci Another highlight of the visit to the garden of the Notre Dame d'Orsan Priory, the plant labyrinth where quince and pear trees skillfully train.

Garden of Viels House

CRT of Picardy. S.Bellet It is at the foot of a charming 12th century church that the Viels Maison gardens flourish, part of which is designed according to the principles of the old vicarage gardens. There are multiple flowers - lavender, santolina ... - which will be used either to make remedies or to decorate the holy places.

Hillen Pottery Gardens

the Hillen Pottery Gardens The charm is sometimes in the detail… This is what the Hillen Pottery Gardens testify to here with this chestnut structure ennobled by decorative elements inspired by plants. The proof, if it were necessary, that the use of raw materials does not exclude a certain refinement!

The Botanical Park of Upper Brittany

Botanical Park of Upper Brittany We find here many characteristics of the art of medieval gardens: great importance given to the heart of the garden - marked here by a basin -, spaces circumscribed by means of boxwood borders, all in one space symbolically closed to form a green cabinet. Continue here to visit the Botanical Park of Upper Brittany.


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