The decorative trend "skull" is all the rage among teens

The decorative trend "skull" is all the rage among teens

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The "skull" trend is contagious. After fashion, it now turns the head of decor, especially when you are in the shoes of a teenager! Precisely, the following panorama is specially dedicated to them with a selection of 10 accessories that fully assume the "skull" look to interfere in a room a bit rebellious.

A black pear beanbag style

Fly ### Another version of the "skull" ottoman with this soft pear shaped model. What teenager wouldn't dream of settling there?

Playful skull-style wallpaper

Castorama ### Toggle the skull motif in a whimsical and colorful atmosphere, it is possible with this wallpaper decorated with apple-green stars and a few small skulls here and there which energize everything!

Decorative fabrics "skulls"

Teo Jasmin ### Bringing the "skull" style into your bedroom also goes through the walls! As such, we vote for these canvases on a pastel orange, purple, pink or white background where skulls listening to music in their headphones do not go unnoticed! When the attitude of teenagers inspires the trend…

A skull and crossbones on the cushion

Les 3 Suisses ### The skull is girly on this pop and graphic cushion. Just for young girls!

"Skull" trend on bed linen

Shop and the City ### Small gothic look for this black white and red bed linen which has not escaped the skull trend! Three skulls revisited in a baroque style are proudly displayed there.

Decorative skulls

Fleux ### Book hold, door hold, or simple decorative object, the golden or silver skull interferes in the youth room to give it a trendy and quirky style. We love !

A strip of skull wallpaper

Wallpaper Collective ### In a word, this cascade of skulls on a golden background reveals a chic and quirky decor that should appeal to more than 12 - 17!

The skull on the carpet

Fly ### We fell in love with this black carpet decorated with flashy inscriptions and a small white skull that perfect it all

A skull scarf featured in the decor

Fly ### Since the skull trend also affects young people's clothes, why not put a scarf or a piece of clothing on the walls?


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