Sophie Ferjani invites you home with her collection for Graham & Brown

Sophie Ferjani invites you home with her collection for Graham & Brown

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After your television screens, the interior designer Sophie Ferjani invests your decoration thanks to his collection of nine paintings, wallpapers and wall decor objects published by Graham & Brown and available exclusively at 4MURS. Discover his universe in pictures around three trends: vintage, nature and vibration.

A timeless wallpaper

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani Sophie Ferjani also uses patterns to offer you a timeless and graphic wallpaper. To set the scene, the interior designer thought of a triptych mirror.

Stylized nature

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani To give life to your walls, you can opt for stickers with stylized floral patterns for a delicately retro atmosphere. The most decorative: put these stickers above a base to highlight the pattern.

A natural wallpaper

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani For a natural atmosphere, you will choose this wallpaper with delicate flower patterns. The advantage of this wallpaper? Shades of color to decorate the walls with subtlety.

A graphic wallpaper

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani For more design atmospheres, you will find this very graphic wallpaper where the pure lines create ultra dynamic and futuristic shapes. Screen-printed mirrors respond to the diamond motif of the wallpaper.

A 3D wallpaper

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani Inspired by origami, this wallpaper offers a geometric rendering which gives a sensation of breathtaking depth. And to complete the decor, you can choose this canvas signed by the hand of Sophie Ferjani.

A retro kakemono

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani To refine the decor and create a real atmosphere, you will find original decorative panels. For a retro atmosphere, opt for vintage suitcases or for a couture bust. A real centerpiece to awaken the decor of the walls.

Poetic stickers

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani To bring a poetic touch into the house, Sophie Ferjani imagined stickers that will make some birds fly in the decor. Tree branch, small birdhouses will set the scene.

Graphical tables

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani To energize your walls, Sophie Ferjani uses eight tables which form one and whose graphic patterns go from canvas to canvas for an original decoration. Ideal for staging a headboard.

Original paintings

Graham & Brown / Sophie Ferjani To change the traditional canvases, Sophie Ferjani has imagined a set of canvases in triangular shapes which will not fail to energize all of your decoration.


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