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Because the decorative cushions give style to the sofa

Because the decorative cushions give style to the sofa

It doesn't take much to boost a wise sofa. A few pretty cushions in the style that is most important to you are enough to change her look! Demonstration in pictures.


Fly ### Imagine these fireside chairs without their Union Jack cushions. One thing is certain, they would be much less trendy and trendy!


Fly ### A checkered cushion and a cushion adorned with a giant letter, both in white / plum tones: this is an ideal duo to energize the sofa while remaining in harmony with the decor of the living room.


Ikéa ### A cushion adorned with freehand drawn drawings gives punch to this silky red sofa. Definitely arty!


Ikea ### To awaken the winter softness that had settled in the living room, we bring two or three graphic cushions on the sofa! Stripes or geometric patterns on a black background, the bet is well taken up!


Ikéa ### The bench is well surrounded. A series of cushions with patterns and fresh spring colors jostle there to bathe the living room in a good mood!


Paragraph ### If this soft sofa invites us to take a seat, it is also thanks to its herd of satin cushions in old pink and pearl pink tones, which also underline its ultra feminine look!


Fly ### The "number" trend is on the sofa to breathe a little graphic air into the living room area.


Leroy Merlin ### Comfortably seated on a sublime gray sofa, this padded satin cushion and its pretty plum color bring out the feminine touch of the living room.


Goal ### If you are more classic, use polka dot, striped or plain cushions in a color contrasting with that of the sofa. Or how to give it a little decorative boost with ease!