An original sink for my bathroom

An original sink for my bathroom

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Because we all want to stand out from our neighbor, we try to make each room of our interior something unique and personal that resembles us. However, if there is one place in the house that is often overlooked in terms of decor, it is the bathroom and the toilet. The editorial office offers 10 original washbasins to install at home. There is something for every taste.

Geometric cutting

Vaskeo At Vaskéo, we make basins. Yes, but no simple basins. True design and technical creations, they will appeal to the most contemporary of your guests. Practical, this model even includes a storage space for storing a few toothbrushes, soaps and other beauty products.

Discretion and elegance

Vaskeo In a sober and refined room, you don't hesitate any longer when you crack on this sink with simple and elegant shapes, which seems to fly away. Barely hanging on the wall, it combines chic and modernity.

Industrial recovery

Maisons du Monde From an old barrel or container, Maisons du Monde offers us a whole range for the bathroom. Fans of recovery, vintage and industrial style would be wrong to deprive themselves of such an original basin for the bathroom.

Simple and efficient

Jacob Delafon As a family or as a couple, a single basin can sometimes be insufficient. Two is already much better! Jacob Delafon, the bathroom specialist, designed a large enough cabinet for 2 sinks, but also for storage, towel racks. All in a sleek and classic style.

Asymmetry in the bathroom

Inda A dose of originality every morning does not hurt, we have fun with this asymmetrical creation from Inda. Inspired by the fashion world and the non-symmetrical trend, this bathroom furniture will seduce the most trendy of your friends.

To clip

Greta What could be more original than changing the sink every day. With this model, it's almost possible. The whole family will be stuck with it. The elements clip and unclip from each other for unique compositions according to your needs. Practical, cleaning is also simplified, since each room separates from the rest.

XXS format

Decotec Once again, a small space for the toilet is not always practical. However, we do not give up a decorative touch. With an XXS format we ensure a practical storage unit, but also a touch of color with a red door.


Decotec Washbasin, towel holder, storage, toilet paper, brush ... This little piece of furniture does almost everything. Another XXS format that can do everything. Think about it: pink and gray often go well together, so dare the color.

A small designer piece of furniture

Decotec Finally, who said that design and functionality could not go together? This small washbasin cabinet proves it thanks to a bold design that allows you to slip a few towels. White and aluminum, it will have no problem integrating into any bathroom.