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A chicken coop in the garden is possible!

A chicken coop in the garden is possible!

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Be aware that it is not necessary to have a farm to adopt hens and enjoy fresh eggs. Indeed, there are many chicken coops to install directly in the garden to give you a country air. Discover in pictures 10 chicken coops to house your chickens in the garden.

A tipi-style chicken coop

Truffaut ### For the chicken coop to be decorative in your garden, choose this triangular model that evokes a teepee. It includes a night section to protect the hens from predators and bad weather, but also a screened yard section for the day. It accommodates 4 to 6 hens.

A house chicken coop with garden

Truffaut ### This chicken coop, ideal for 4 to 6 hens, has a wire enclosure and a covered shelter so that the hens can come and go. The sleeping area is high up and the hens will take a footbridge to reach the grass.

A chalet-style chicken coop

Truffaut ### This chicken coop that looks like a chalet accommodates 2 to 3 hens because it is smaller than the previous one. The principle remains the same: the hens will have a shelter for the night and a screened part for the day.

Space-saving chicken coop

Truffaut ### To avoid taking up too much space, this chicken coop for 2 to 3 hens integrates the course directly under the nest. Thanks to this system, your hens will always be covered.

A modern chicken coop

Truffaut ### This small chicken coop cannot accommodate more than two hens. Quite modern, it is made of plastic and has a nest part and a 1-meter wire tunnel. Low in height, it takes up little space in the garden.

A small house chicken coop

Truffaut ### This chicken coop is a miniature replica of a charming wooden house with a tiled roof. It can contain 2 to 3 hens in its wire enclosure and its covered shelter.

A bungalow-style chicken coop

Jardipolys ### Available in several sizes, this chicken coop has a rectangular shape like a wooden bungalow. It is simply a nest that opens on top for cleaning.

A traditional chicken coop

Jardipolys ### For a more traditional style, choose this chicken coop "small wooden houses" to which the hens have access by a small gangway. This model will allow you to accommodate up to 8 hens.

A design chicken coop

Creative growth ### Finally, this ultra-design model can accommodate two chickens in its roto molded polyethylene nest which presents a planter on the roof to add a natural touch. The wire mesh route will allow your chickens (2 maximum) to get some fresh air.


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