The lanterns invade the house

The lanterns invade the house

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Coming from Anglo-Saxon and Nordic countries, this is a fundamental trend that is found massively on the web and in magazines. Paper lanterns and decorations are no longer confined to party decoration: they are more and more used in interior decoration. A decorative idea at low prices and great effects!

Lanterns for a children's room

Under the lantern Nail a small hook to the wall and hang several paper lanterns and lanterns at different heights: a nice mobile at a low price for your child's room.

A light and poetic decoration

Under the lantern In the corner of a room, paper lanterns, lanterns and pompoms in tissue paper, in pastel colors and hung at different heights: an aerial and poetic decoration.

An original decoration at low prices for your children

Under the lantern Tissue paper pompoms, hung on the wall, on the ceiling or simply placed on a piece of furniture, bring cheerfulness to children's rooms for a limited budget.

Lanterns for your home

Under the lantern Create an original decor for your entry or a corner of your house with these paper lanterns and tassels in tissue paper. The important thing is to group them together to have this mass effect of colors. You just need to attach one or two small hooks to the wall and hang the lanterns from these hooks by adjusting them until you get the desired effect.

A wedding under the lanterns

Under the lantern For your wedding, using paper lanterns and lanterns is a simple and economical solution, which will amaze your guests. You can hang a cluster of Chinese lanterns and lanterns in different sizes with ribbon on a tree branch, to decorate the space of your cocktail or your table plan.

Party buffet decoration

Under the lantern Choose paper lanterns and lanterns in silver and white tones for a fairy-tale party decoration at a low price. The paper rosettes bring lightness to the whole.

A white and airy wedding decoration

Under the lantern Do not hesitate to play the card of accumulation in shades of white, with these honeycombed paper balls. Very pretty hanging lights, they are also magnificent grouped in a corner of your reception hall.


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