The office area for teens

The office area for teens

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If a workspace is essential in the teenagers' room so that they can do their homework, it nevertheless adapts to the layout of their room, the available space and their style! The following overview of offices should inspire you ...

A piece of furniture two in one clever

Clei In a small space, it is sometimes difficult to install a lot of furniture. And since the teenage bedroom is often a mess, it's even more complicated! Consider choosing a two in one piece of furniture like this sofa bed that turns into an adjustable desk in a jiffy.

Scandinavian atmosphere

GOAL Often more aware of the trend than adults, teens will fall for this pretty desk in Scandinavian style. We adopt the round of gray paint on the wall in front of the office table, the ladder shelf on the wall and the small woven basket to store (and hide) books and manuals.

Install a small desk lamp

Ikea To illuminate a small office area while keeping a design spirit, this table lamp is ideal. Fine and colorful, it is an undeniable office accessory for the teenage bedroom. The little extra? The luminaire can be directly connected to a computer.

Have a workshop-office

Claire a belle makes If your daughter is creative and likes to tinker or make jewelry and other accessories, you can set up a sort of custom-made workshop-office using a board on which you can hang a whole bunch of small tools. Source: Claire a belle makes

An L-shaped desk

Alinéa This bedroom is fully optimized. The desk and library create an optimal L-shaped space, which leaves room for your child to work and have fun.

A decorated and inspired wall

Alinéa Your teen wants an office area that is different from that of his friends? Organize a wall covered with open storage spaces, the interior of which you can customize with patterned wallpaper. This will give him inspiration to work and create.

A multifunctional mezzanine

Espace Loggia The mezzanine is not always only used for sleeping. The proof, this all-wood model also has an integrated desk to which there is more than adding a chair. Remember to varnish and regularly maintain the furniture to make the wood shine.

Having a hidden desk

Conforama The teen office needs to have its own space. To prevent it from cluttering up a small room or getting too messy, you can install it below a mezzanine as in this compact and optimized room.

Opt for a black desk

AMPM Black can be scary at first, but yet this color is resolutely design and elegant. This wooden model, whose parts are to fit together yourself, does not increase the space and gives a very contemporary look to a bedroom.

Alternate open and closed storage

So Nuit Here, the cupboards located next to the bed and in the office are sometimes open sometimes closed like classic drawers. It is a good way to have lots of storage in a style that remains refined and allows to highlight small decorative objects.

A small, immaculate office

Ikea In a small bedroom, this kind of compact and thin piece of furniture is ideal. Add a storage box against the wall and an office chair on casters and your teenager will just have to get to work!

Choosing a Scandinavian style office

La Redoute The office is a workspace, of course, but it should not forget to be decorative. In a Scandinavian style, you can choose a wooden model that will be very trendy in a female teen bedroom. Add a stool and light fixtures to warm up the space.

Colorful storage

Rebecka Oftedal Put a touch of color in the teenage bedroom with modular colorful niches, which you can arrange as you wish. This allows to energize a sober office and to have a place for each object used daily.
Secret de chambre The particularity of this desk is that it has one of its feet placed on the raised bed in order to be perfectly at the same level but also (and above all) to be able to easily access the storage spaces located below the bed. .

Adopt a secretary

Ikea Is the office you spotted too large for your teenager's bedroom? Prefer a secretary, narrower but just as practical to accommodate open and closed storage. The little extra of this model? The integrated shelf above the cabinet.

Put an office in a corner

Martha Stewart It is not always easy to optimize the angles of a room. With a small desk, it's much easier! You can even personalize the wall against the desk with sticky notes or lessons that your teen can read more easily.

A design and minimalist office

Purpose To have an office worthy of an adult, your teenager may well fall for this simple but resolutely modern wooden furniture. Thanks to its two-tone style, it will go very well in a contemporary room and a touch of design.

A graphic and girly office

So Nuit For a feminine bedroom conducive to concentration, opt for a classic wooden desk with pretty colorful drawers that you can match with other storage such as open shelves, a library or storage boxes.

An independent office area

Ikea Your teenager's bedroom is furnished like a small studio? Does your child live without an addiction to your apartment? Take the opportunity to install a real office area separate from other uses of the room so that he does not work from his bed!