Zoom on the threshold bars

Zoom on the threshold bars

The purpose of the threshold bars is to ensure the connection between two different floor coverings. They will also be very useful when there are differences in level between two rooms. There are therefore several threshold bars depending on whether the two supports are of the same height or not. And on the decorative side, the threshold bars also have their playing cards.

A contemporary threshold bar

Dinac ### To create a very decorative effect thanks to the threshold bar, you can bet on a bi-material model. Thus, metal is combined with slate, copper with concrete and a raw material with aluminum for finishes that combine tradition and modernity.

A metal threshold bar

Dinac Because the industrial style continues to invade our interiors, there are also threshold bars that can adapt to it. Metal is then a material of choice because it evokes sobriety and elegance.

A leather threshold bar

Dinac If leather was once reserved for furniture, it now finds a place of choice in decoration. To add a chic detail to your interior, then bet on a threshold bar that imitates leather.

A graphic threshold bar

Dinac To elegantly finalize your floor, you can also opt for a black or white floor bar. These timeless and very graphic colors will inevitably find their place in the decor.

A stainless steel threshold bar

Monsieur Bricolage To play the simplicity card between two different coverings, you can opt for a stainless steel threshold bar. It will easily adapt to light and darker coatings.

A gray threshold bar

Monsieur Bricolage Because gray is very trendy in the home, you will find threshold bars that imitate wood in a gray shade that will go perfectly with charming interiors or seaside atmospheres.

A neutral wooden threshold bar

Monsieur Bricolage For a contemporary interior, you can bet on a threshold bar in a wood that is neither too light nor too dark. It will thus adapt more easily to your interior.

A black threshold bar

Monsieur Bricolage To elegantly highlight your interior, why not opt ​​for a threshold bar in black wood? This shade will adapt very well to a designer interior.

A light wooden threshold bar

Monsieur Bricolage Finally, for a natural or Scandinavian-inspired interior, preferably choose a threshold bar in very light wood which should perfectly match with parquet in the same colors.