Cardboard accessories for eco-friendly decor

Cardboard accessories for eco-friendly decor

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Faced with the enthusiasm aroused by sustainable development in recent years, many people have decided to turn to responsible products, a sign of a return to safe haven values. Growing trend since the 2000s, ecodesign which aims to create products based on natural products meets this demand. Producing without destroying, while maintaining quality is the bias of many brands today. Zoom on 10 cardboard accessory ideas for a 100% eco-friendly decor.

Inspiration from prehistoric jars

Cocobohème Revisiting the large old jars, Cocobohème designs clever and unique storage in recycled honeycomb cardboard, both light and resistant. We love their voluptuous curves and the reversible blue or black lacquered covers that will adapt to all your desires.

A very geometric basket

Adonde With the Ico basket, your children will be able to review math with ease. Inspired by a polygon with 20 triangular faces, the vibrant colors of these nice recycled cardboard storage baskets will give a trendy touch to your little one's world in the blink of an eye. They will find a place of choice on a table, a desk or a shelf.

A recycled vase

Altermundi Sensitive to the environment and sustainable development, let yourself be charmed by this cardboard vase. To use it, nothing could be simpler! All you need to do is take an empty bottle of water, cut the neck and slip it into the vase.

A very natural library

Art et Carton Play the card of originality and fantasy in your children's room with the new Mêêh library from Art et Carton. Fun, practical and customizable, this self-assembled bookcase in the shape of a sheep is made of an ecological, recycled and recyclable material: cardboard.

An assembled cardboard armchair

Karton design Far from the traditional armchairs, the Hungarian company Karton Design presents this sublime ultra design armchair in assembled raw cardboard. We fall for its enveloping forms, its warm colors and its clean lines.

A desk made entirely of cardboard

Quart de poil 'Recycling is fashionable and inspires creators as proven by the Quart de poil cardboard furniture brand. Office table, chair and accessories, the cardboard trend takes over your space for an ecological and economical decoration.

An adjustable sofa

Flexible love Favorite for the Earth 16 sofa designed in paper and cardboard 100% recycled by Chi-Shen Chiu for FlexibleLove. Extensible at will and able to accommodate up to sixteen people, its revolutionary design will find its place perfectly in your home during your evenings, in reception rooms or public spaces.

A cardboard lamp to assemble yourself

Made by who Interesting concept is this cardboard lamp imagined and designed by the Danish design studio MadeByWho who had the ingenious idea of ​​integrating the user into their design process. Pre-cut in a 1 mm recycled cardboard plate, MyLamp takes shape after a game of folding and assembly that the end user will carry out himself. We love its fun side!

Eco-friendly designer chairs and coffee table

Kami Kraft Associated with bamboo and available in more than fourteen different colors, from off-white, chocolate, deep red, navy, chocolate… classics to the most unexpected, emerald, sapphire, ruby, KamiKlub furniture designed in honeycomb cardboard by Kami Kraft is the essential ally of trendy and responsible decoration.


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