A chic and friendly holiday home in Portugal

A chic and friendly holiday home in Portugal

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It is in the Algarve region, in the south of Portugal, that this splendid sheepfold is surrounded by pine trees and nature. During its renovation, the owners decided to integrate the advantages of a comfortable and modern home, while retaining its authentic charm. The bet is perfectly successful and the house sports a beautiful look of Provencal farmhouse to the delight of holidaymakers! The villa is now offered for rental by the Bellavista agency, specializing in high-end housing: what if you let yourself be tempted by the "made in Portugal" charm?

A breathtaking view

Bellavista The outdoor patio, in which a large dining area has been set up, enjoys a plunging view of the surrounding hills. The house is surrounded by hundred-year-old olive trees which shade the garden while forming a plant group typical of southern countries.

A generously sized swimming pool

Bellavista The swimming pool, surrounded by a stone terrace and equipped with a liner in natural tones, was built to match the rest of the house. It blends harmoniously with its environment while offering a popular space for relaxation.

Revisited country style

Bellavista Favorite for this sober but warm entry, in which the simplicity and the natural materials take the limelight. The exposed stone walls and the old pottery recall the past of the building, and form a beautiful rustic whole softened by the beige tones of the painted parts.

Bohemian atmosphere

Bellavista The living room is made up of two very distinct parts. A first space is dedicated to relaxation, furnished with large L-shaped benches and an old coffee table; a second sitting area is located around the fireplace, much appreciated at the end of the evening. On the decorative side, styles and eras mix to form a coherent whole and totally in harmony with the architecture of this beautiful family home.

Classic style revisited

Bellavista Place in the winter lounge, equipped with an open fireplace for cooler evenings as well as a bar and a TV area. Blue and yellow dominate the room for a very successful Provencal style atmosphere.

A simple and bright room

Bellavista The master bedroom has a stripped down, almost monastic style. Here again, the exposed stone orchestrates the decoration alone. The authentic style is enhanced by old-fashioned painting and pretty terracotta floor tiles.

Modern comfort in an old-fashioned atmosphere

Bellavista The owners have appropriated the country style brilliantly, bringing it the contemporary and chic touch essential for an up-to-date interior. Placed in the center of the bathroom, the bathtub is highlighted by the omnipresent stone.

A friendly patio

Bellavista The greatest attention has been paid to the decoration of this spacious patio shaded by canisses. Surrounded by flowers and green plants, it is furnished with a pretty wrought iron table that can seat up to 8 guests.

Paradise at your fingertips

Bellavista Like the whole house, the exterior parts are content with the essentials: the outdoor furniture remains simple and discreet to let the spectacle of nature offer its most beautiful.