10 winter coverings

10 winter coverings

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Do you want to bring some warmth to your interior? You can count on wall and floor coverings for this. We help you find the warm models that will be perfect for this winter.

An effect painting

Leroy Merlin To give texture to your walls and have a warm feeling, we adopt an effect paint that gives a velvety effect to your walls. No need to dress the entire wall, a base is enough.

An enveloping painting

Leroy Merlin For a warm atmosphere, you can also bet on a classic paint provided you choose a dark shade that will envelop your room.


Gascogne Wood Products Do you want a warm cabin to spend the winter in? The solution: the paneling that adorns your wooden walls. What create a chalet style!

A warm parquet floor

Leroy Merlin On the floor, the warm coating par excellence is parquet. It gives a lot of character and has the advantage of not being cold to the touch. It is also a real ally for a chalet atmosphere.

A parquet effect vinyl

Tarkett To change the decor in a jiffy and at a low price, you can also buy a parquet effect floor by opting for vinyl which will bring just as much warmth to your interior.

Fabric effect vinyl

Leroy Merlin The possibilities of vinyl are manifold. Thus, you can also adopt a fabric effect on the floor thanks to the trompe l'oeil. The atmosphere will then be hushed and original while keeping the floor easy to maintain.


Saint Maclou For a more natural style, you can opt for seagrass, sisal or coconut. These are natural fibers that sit like a carpet for a textured and warm floor.


Saint Maclou The essential floor for a warm winter is of course the carpet! It insulates from the cold and ensures that your feet are warm if you walk barefoot. It also exists in many colors and patterns.

Shaggy carpet

Saint Maclou Finally, to go up a notch in the warm spirit, prefer a shaggy carpet which has long pile for a very pleasant softness and a very cocooning style.


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