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20 ideas to optimize the dressing room

20 ideas to optimize the dressing room

It is not because you are lucky to have a spacious dressing room that nothing should be done to optimize it. A good organization will make it possible to accommodate more clothes and to navigate there more easily. Here are some tips.

Sliding tie rack

Coulidoor You never know how to store your ties. Here is a very simple solution, the sliding tie rack. Fixed inside your wardrobe, it gives you access to all your ties with a flick of the wrist.

A pants hanger

Bricozor This is still the best solution when you want to avoid wrinkling or piling up your pants too much. Folded in half and well ironed "in the fold", they will be protected from any alteration and easy to access.

Compartmentalized drawers

Sogal So that each of your objects has its own place, opt for drawers with small compartments. You will be able to find gloves, belts or jewelry at a glance.

The rod, an essential

Sobréal This seems obvious, but don't forget to install one or more rods in your wardrobe. They will allow you to hang your jackets or other clothes without wrinkling them.

Don't forget the light!

Robeson Design A small light bulb hung in the middle of the room will not be enough to light your wardrobe. For optimal lighting, install small spotlights all around the room.

A laundry basket

Sobréal Obvious without really being so: the retractable laundry basket. No more dirty laundry lying around or dusty basket in the middle of the room.

Sliding shoe rack

Coulidoor In a wardrobe, each item of clothing and accessory must have its place. With a sliding shoe rack, you will save space and your shoes will always be tidy.

Mirror, my beautiful mirror

Conforama A dressing room worthy of the name must contain at least a full-length mirror. In addition to allowing you to scrutinize yourself from head to toe, this one is actually a small wardrobe in which you can store your jewelry.

Play transparency

IKEA Do you like the idea of ​​always having your small things in front of you but hesitate to leave your shelves open, lest dust settle on your dear clothes? Here's a simple solution: drawers with glass walls.

Sliding doors

IKEA Often, the walk-in closets are rather small and do not allow the installation of traditional swing doors, due to the lack of space. Never mind, opt for beautiful sliding doors.

Save space, again

Compactor Everything is good for saving space. This big quilt that you only use in winter, your 12-thread cashmere sweaters that take up so much space… They will no longer be a problem for you if you use Compactor boxes. Put your stuff that takes up too much space in, plug in your vacuum cleaner and voila!

Don't waste any space

IKEA There is never enough space in a wardrobe. To be sure you have all the space you need, be sure to use the full height of your walls to install storage.

Lockers for your panniers and handbags

Kmart There is too much a tendency to pile up handbags, pouches and panniers, at the risk of damaging them. To avoid any alteration, create a dedicated space like these simple lockers.

A drawer just for your jewelry

Studio Becker If the gentleman's ties have their own clothes rack, the madam's jewelry also has the right to their own space. Reserve a compartmentalized drawer covered with suede to prevent them from being damaged.

Optimize corners

LA Closet Design Using the corners of a room correctly and optimally is never easy. This is particularly true for dressings. As in the picture, use a swivel rack that will allow you to hang a large number of clothes.

Customize doors

So Nuit As in every other room in the house, let your imagination run wild and personalize your dressing room. You can for example paint, cover with wallpaper or mirrors the cupboard doors.

Transparent shoe boxes

IKEA The more pairs of shoes you have, the more complicated it becomes to store them properly. Look no further, this is what you need: transparent wall boxes that will allow you to find the pair you need at a glance.

Garment covers

IKEA There are certain items of clothing that we wear less often. To protect your evening dresses or tuxedos from dust, invest in protective covers.

A central island

LA Closet Design If you are lucky enough to have a sufficiently spacious dressing room, install a central island there. It will allow you to put your small business when entering it but also and above all to add storage space to the room.