Magimix madness!

Magimix madness!

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Recognized by many starred chefs around the world, the household appliance brand * Magimix * offers simple, efficient, designer and ultra-trendy robots for the aesthetic pleasure of our kitchens ... Here are our top 10 Magimix appliances.

The Compact Ice Turbine of Magimix

Magimix ### Magic, you just have to select your perfume and *** the Compact Ice Turbine *** in stainless steel from ** Magimix ** will do the rest! As with large glaciers, it has a cooling unit which is used to generate the essential cold to transform the basic preparation in less than 30 minutes into a delicious and light ice cream.

The Blender of Magimix

Magimix ### Powerful but at the same time silent, *** the Blender *** with an elegant chrome or black lacquered design of your choice, allows you a perfect emulsion of your soups, cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes, pancake doughs… ### The little extra that we love? For a fresh taste, treat yourself to express sorbets!

The Multifunction Steamer of Magimix

Magimix ### When elegance meets performance, this gives *** the Multifunction Steam Cooker *** by ** Magimix **. Make a succulent meal from start to dessert? It is finally possible! Its 4 cooking programs provide you with a healthy diet rich in vitamins throughout the year.

Duo Salad & Juice of Magimix

Magimix ### Just for you, ** Magimix ** designed * the duo Salad & Juice *! Behind its modern design and its structure in anthracite or in matt chrome, hides the pleasure of making juices, raw vegetables, salads and even delicious smoothies.

The Mini Plus of Magimix

Magimix ### Quiet, functional and aesthetic with its flashy color palette, *** the Mini Plus *** likes small spaces. This 2 in 1 robot will amaze us with its incredible functions such as ** the BlenderMix ** and ** the 4 mm slicing / grating disc **.

The Premium Multifunction Robot of Magimix

Magimix ### Indispensable to all lovers of the culinary art, *** the Premium Multifunction Robot *** in pop-rock colors remains a real best seller at ** Magimix **. For ** 41 years **, he has been supporting your kitchens in the preparation of your most elaborate meals.

The Toaster Vision of Magimix

Magimix ### For the very first time, ** Magimix ** is reinventing the toaster as you have never seen it to smell but also see toast! The first panoramic toaster is available in metal, ivory, red or black, a series of eclectic colors that will perfectly fit your kitchen. Revolutionary and maxi design!

Nespresso CitiZ of Magimix

Magimix ### Ultra compact, discover the minimalist and design *** Nespresso CitiZ *** coffee machine from ** Magimix **. Its width being only 13 cm, it adapts perfectly to small spaces.

The 1.5 liter Glacierof Magimix

Magimix ### Compact, nicely rounded and with multiple energizing colors, *** le Glacier 1.5 liter *** by ** Magimix ** will make young and old dream! It will allow you to make your own 100% natural homemade ice cream.


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