Le domaine du Freyche, a very natural address near Bordeaux

Le domaine du Freyche, a very natural address near Bordeaux

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Cendrine's beautiful decoration address this week is called the Domaine du Freyche. Located in the loop of the Dordogne 30 minutes from Bordeaux, at the edge of a stream, the place conceals activities to do with family or two for a nature weekend. The owners will welcome you with enthusiasm in a large building dating from the 19th century.

A pleasant environment

The Freyche area What charmed the owners when they first visited the area is the surrounding calm and the natural charm of the old building. Old stones, bricks, park ... are all charming assets that encouraged them to embark on this new adventure.

Nature is omnipresent in decoration

Le domaine du Freyche Nature is the starting point for decoration. Leaves, branches, colors, landscapes are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for owners.

The wild herb room

Le domaine du Freyche The first bedroom is in shades of gray and is decorated with lights that evoke nature. Similarly for the frieze that runs along the wall, it represents wild grasses, hence its name!

The bathroom of the wild herb room

Le domaine du Freyche The bathroom adjoining the bedroom has an old heather zinc bathtub. It brings an extra dose of character to the bedroom.

The Mountain Room

Le domaine du Freyche The other bedroom is in green variations. It also has a frieze which represents a mountain and it is wide open on the bathroom.

The bathroom of the green room

The Freyche area Luxury resides in this double bathtub which offers the possibility of taking a bath for two! An originality that allows you to relax!

A bed and breakfast that changes from the ordinary

Domaine du Freyche Another room is located in the garden, inside an old Airstream caravan from the USA. Purchased in its own right in Cahors, it was fitted out to accommodate guests.

A bohemian decor

The Freyche estate The interior of the caravan has been repainted and most of the objects have been found and then transformed. A passion that the owner masters perfectly. A decorative parenthesis that makes you travel!


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