CAMIF presents its new products

CAMIF presents its new products

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** Specializing in the sale of furniture to individuals, CAMIF offers collection after collection, high quality products. All the products marketed by CAMIF are made in France. For this season, the new collection is divided into 8 styles: Nature, Seaside, Travel, City, Romance, Modern, Country and Tradition. It offers a retro touch revisited for the greatest pleasure of decoration lovers but also elements in perfect harmony with current trends. **

The TABATA library

CAMIF The simplicity of the TABATA bookcase adapts to any interior. Whether it is for books or decorative items, the library that blends blue with wood is simply ideal.

The CABANE bed

CAMIF The CABANE bed is the dream of every child. An original bed that offers many decorative possibilities. Whether you have a little girl or a little boy, the CABANE bed will have the most beautiful effect.

RYO atmosphere

CAMIF The simplicity of wood invites itself into your living room. A spacious and solid buffet, a square table, a row and a coordinated coffee table, you decide if you will accompany them with a trendy decoration or a cocooning decoration.

DAVIS atmosphere

CAMIF The simplicity of this wooden coffee table allows it to easily find its place in your home. Facing a retro sofa or contemporary armchairs, the coffee table will go perfectly.

DENVER atmosphere

CAMIF The DENVER collection offers both modernity and space saving. Thanks to a clever mix of shelves and drawers, your television, hi-fi equipment and books will find their place in your living room.

NORIA atmosphere

CAMIF This simple and practical piece of furniture is ideal for your television and your hi-fi equipment. It goes well with the wall shelf that will allow you to decorate your living room or save you a little space.

TIFFANIE atmosphere

CAMIF A modern and gray atmosphere, the trendy color of the moment, is offered to you through this TIFFANIE collection.

TRIBECA atmosphere

CAMIF Once again, through the TRIBECA collection, CAMIF offers simple and warm wooden furniture. Space saving is also guaranteed.

DAREN atmosphere

CAMIF Timeless, the DAREN bedroom crosses time with its sober design. Whether you want an exotic, contemporary, retro or warm decor, the collection is ideal.