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Office: the 10 favorites of the editorial

Office: the 10 favorites of the editorial

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The office no longer needs a room of its own to expose itself. In the bedroom, in the entrance and even in the living room, it can now be slipped everywhere thanks to various styles and practical dimensions. This week, we surveyed the web in search of 10 models totally in tune with the times… Here are all our favorites in pictures.

Old school

Maisons du Monde In the bedroom of a teenager who likes the "American campus" style, this desk seems the best choice ... And to accompany it, we of course put on red and white accessories like this pretty metal lamp.


Royale Déco Designer tray and unique glass base, this desk really has nothing in common. If you like unusual pieces, it is certainly made to be installed at home!


Cinna A real favorite for this desk with simple lines but no less design imagined by Cinna. The unstructured trays placed one on top of the other give the whole a very graphic style that is easily installed in a contemporary interior.

With compass feet

Midiune Fans of the 50s, you will be seduced by this magnificent desk with compass feet typical of the era. Its little extra: small pieces of gold metal that give it a very distinguished look.

Practical and decorative storage

Delamaison When you combine practicality and design, this gives this beautiful white desk with shelves as useful as decoration. We then slip in his work in progress, his books or why not some decorative objects.

Retro atmosphere

Productinté To accompany this resolutely retro wallpaper, we put on a desk which also seems vintage. We fell in love with this patinated and aged-looking model that plays very well with the game of furniture found on Sunday at the flea market.

A glass tray

Maisons du Monde What could be more aerial than a glass tray placed on two small metal legs? And to keep this refined spirit to the maximum, we only add a small white lamp and a light wooden chair.

A white tray

La Redoute The light wood trend is more than ever on the office side. The proof with this model which nevertheless takes on a white color on its tray and whose chair is getting the same look.

A metal base

Cappellini Minimalist and airy, here are two words that perfectly describe this desk with a completely contemporary look. And to wake him up a bit, how about installing a pretty red chair also perched on a metal base?


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