Bemz revamps Ikea furniture for an industrial style

Bemz revamps Ikea furniture for an industrial style

Since 2004, Bemz has offered covers exclusively made for Ikea sofas, armchairs and chairs in order to give them a second life. This season, the brand offers you to give an industrial style to your Ikea furniture with covers influenced by the latest trends with a weathered style, elegantly worn, with a sophisticated cut and more marked seams.

A jean-style armchair

Bemz To give a very modern look to this Ikea armchair, we put on a blue cover that recalls the famous jeans. The chair then takes on an urban and very trendy look.

Textured benches

Bemz To give a slightly vintage look to these armchairs, we put on a cover in shades of blue and gray which reveal the fabric weft to give a very textured material.

Chair covers

Bemz To give a more elegant side to chairs while betting on a casual style, we choose these linen covers which give a new dimension to your seats. On the color side, gray ensures a trendy spirit.

A cover for an armchair

Bemz To dress an armchair in a trendy spirit, this cover uses linen for a spirit that is both casual and classic. The most decorative: the very visible seam which modernizes the whole with elegance.

A white cover

Bemz To bring out your sofa in a darker interior, go for white for your sofa covers to bring light into the room. Classic and timeless, white will adapt to all styles of decoration.

A new dimension for the sofa

Bemz Thanks to this cover, slightly larger than the furniture, the Klippan Ikea sofa takes on a new dimension. Its base disappears to offer a compact and very decorative sofa.

A cover for bed

Bemz To give an industrial style to the bed, we also put on a cover to dress it. Then choose a linen model in a worked gray to match your metal furniture.

A cover for the couple's bed

Bemz In the same way, the couple's bed can take on a new dimension thanks to a beige linen bed cover which will slightly transform the proportions of the furniture.

A seat cover

Bemz Finally, to dress your bench, choose an original cover between the industrial style and the vintage style with a taupe gray fabric revealing the weft, creating an original and graphic pattern.