10 decorative ideas to make my toilets a unique place

10 decorative ideas to make my toilets a unique place

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We transform simple toilets into a real room where decor reigns supreme. Colors, tiles, accessories, furniture ... The editorial team gives you 10 decorative ideas to steal from major brands for personalized toilets.

Futuristic decor

Artceram At Artceram, we don't do things by halves. The toilets are designed like a racing car: design, speed, cleanliness, maintenance, color and materials… all are taken into account for a result that is futuristic to say the least, as are the accessories!

A decoration under the palm trees

Ikéa Ikéa offers a selection of products for the bathroom, around travel, in unknown lands. Palm trees, warm colors and tropical tiles are waiting for you. Relax, you're almost on vacation in the sun.

A two-color decoration

Artceram Black and white has been installed in almost all rooms. The only thing missing was the bathroom. These two-tone toilets will be enough to seduce fans of these two non-colors, which have been unanimous in decoration for a while. Black and white, timeless?

A natural decor

Ikea Mixtures of wood, hemp, straw, green and ocher, that's all you need for a bathroom / toilet called "nature". We also install some plants there and pay attention to its water consumption. When nature rhymes with respect for the environment.

An exhibition decoration

Ikea As in a small gallery, many frames are installed on the walls. Thus, we are sure not to be bored. Family photos, holidays, memories or simply beautiful images, treat yourself. You are the artist!

XXS decor

Ikéa In a small room, we do not overlook the decor, on the contrary. We superimpose everything we can and we unify everything with white. It allows you to enlarge a room. The decorative touch: a section of wall that is tiled with very small colored tiles in XXS format. They bring the twist to the toilet.

NY decor

Leroy Merlin The decor of the city that never sleeps arrives in the toilets. Nothing could be simpler: yellow and black as a decorative touch for a nod to the famous Big Apple taxis. But also a bowl printed with a black and white photo of the city, proposed by Leroy Merlin.

A GrrrRRRaou decoration

Leroy Merlin To entertain the little ones, as the older ones, we install in the toilets, some animals and other monsters straight out of the favorite cartoons. They are transformed into a roll holder, toothbrush jar or soap holder.

A comfortable decor

Roca For those who like to take time for convenience, with a book, a magazine, music or a screen, we choose a model designed for its comfort. Fortunately this one does not ignore the design either.