CES 2015: a connected and smart home

CES 2015: a connected and smart home

If the Las Vegas show is the big annual meeting to discover all the innovations in terms of mobile telephony and other technologies, this event also reveals some remarkable innovations in terms of domestic comfort and household appliances. With the recent boom in connected objects, the CES (Consumer Electric Show) 2015 has been invaded by new products - sometimes intelligent, sometimes eccentric - supposed to improve our daily lives. Discover in our slideshow your house of (the day after) tomorrow!

Bosch and the smart thermostat

Bosch As simple as changing channels without moving from the sofa, you can also easily adjust your thermostat when a thrill runs through your smartphone or tablet.

Twin Wash System: the double machine

LG A washing machine but two loads possible with this new generation washing machine created by LG. Thanks to this system, you will no longer have to fill up with delicate laundry before launching a machine, the mini-washer placed in a drawer allowing to specifically treat this kind of laundry and obviously you can rotate the two drums at the same time time !

Powerbot VR 9000: the super powerful robot vacuum cleaner

Samsung The latest robot vacuum cleaner Samsung is not only powerful, can go everywhere and is inexhaustible, it is also extremely obedient when it is indicated with a light beam where to get dirt. Discover in video how the robot vacuum cleaner Samsung Powerbot VR 9000 works

HugOne: the sandman 2.0

Sevenhugs Simple sensors placed under the pillows to control the sleep of the whole family. By coupling this object created by Sevenhugs to connected lamps or to a connected thermostat, the house of tomorrow will be able to bring you the most effective solution for restful sleep.

Triby: the sticky note that connects people to each other

Invoxia To stay in touch with the family at home, Invoxia offers the Triby solution. Your children only have to press a key to call you directly on your smartphone. You can also share messages via the screen. Finally Triby turns into a nice audio player to quietly listen to your favorite playlist or radio. More information on the Triby to discover on Clubic.

Parrot Pot: the end of still lifes

Parrot Like other garden products from Parrot, this "intelligent" flowerpot informs you via your smartphone about the ideal conditions for your plant (sun, fertilizer, temperature, etc.). The Parrot Pot is also able to take care of watering your plant for a month thanks to a tank that manages the flow. More information about the Parrot Pot on Clubic.

Nutritab: the connected culinary balance

Terraillon By connecting this Terraillon culinary balance to your smartphone, you get a detailed account of the foods in your daily life (number of calories, proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, fibers and sodium).