A royal wallpaper!

A royal wallpaper!

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Are you passionate about the English royal family? Treat yourself to a decor worthy of their most beautiful palaces with the Cole & Son wallpapers from the "Historic Royal Palaces" collection which revisit the heritage of the Queen of England in contemporary tones.

Dukes Damask wallpaper

Cole & Son This damask is inspired by the luxurious silks and the shaded and past shades of the hangings of Kensington Palace and Hampton Court Palace. Richly decorated, this wallpaper will be used as a table.

Exoticks wallpaper

Cole & Son On this wallpaper, we find Amaryllis Belladona from South Africa which are an interpretation of the collection of exotic plants of Queen Mary II which is none other than the most important private collection in the world. For a chic and exotic style, this wallpaper is ideal.

Georgian Border Wallpaper

Cole & Son Cole & Son reproduces identically the rich cornices of plaster that King George II asked in order to enhance the decoration of the Georgian rooms of Hampton Court Palace.

Great Vine wallpaper

Cole & Son This wallpaper is adorned with vine leaves and thus pays homage to the Great Vineyard of Hampton Court Palace which is none other than one of the oldest in the world.

Kings Miror wallpaper

Cole & Son This astonishing wallpaper represents the pewter mirrors made of silver cabochons from the baroque period at Hampton Court Palace under King William III.

Library Frieze Wallpaper

Cole & Son This large frieze allows you to create a trompe l'oeil base in your interior to remind the decorative panels of royal residences.

Library Panel Wallpaper

Cole & Son Here, the wallpaper gives rise to paneling and wall paneling for a classic decor inspired by the salons and libraries of royal residences.

Palace Maze wallpaper

Cole & Son This optical wallpaper is inspired by the garden of Hampton Court Palace Maze and its mole labyrinths which make it an unusual garden.

Tudor Rose Border Wallpaper

Cole & Son Borrowed from the Banqueting House grids, this frieze has a very delicate rose motif that will give your interior a lot of charm.