Winter animals in your decor

Winter animals in your decor

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This winter, the animals take over our decor. Wolves, foxes, white rabbits and deer take over the walls and the linens for a wild decor. No need to be Brigitte Bardot to love this selection, discover how to tame winter animals in your decor, and this at a low price.

A polar bear for a green decoration

Gcpixel The decor is also going green with this pretty poster of polar bear, endangered animal very coveted by our graphic designers and illustrators. The good news ? The visual is available in pdf and printable from a conventional printer. Source: A little Market

Sweety fox

Claudia Soria / Lilipinso We knew it was clever, the fox is also cute and graphic on this black and white poster. A minimalist design that will appeal to children and even, why not, adults. Source: Lilipinso

A deer on the floor

blog Stéphanie Bricole Do you have old floor scraps that collect dust in the cellar? Why not put them together and customize them with a stencil and pretty deer patterns. We love the duo Source: Stéphanie Bricole blog

It's DIY hunting!

Apartment Therapy Wake up the hunter in you and proudly display this deer head on the wall! No panic, no animals to kill, it is of course cardboard to assemble for a 3D effect. The little extra: customize it with humor and a scarf. Source: Frenchy Fancy blog

A rabbit night light

House of Disaster * This morning a rabbit saw *… a night light! Adopt this 3D effect rabbit lamp that will watch over you day and night if you are afraid of the dark (and of the wolf!). Source: The Wish Tree

A deer for Christmas

Ikea The common thread of Ikea's Winterlodge collection? The deer of course! Printed in black and white, in shape or in pattern, we love this range of decorative accessories for a Christmas closer to the forest.

XXL wolf

The decorative arts The wolf invites itself in an XXL version in modern and Zen interiors. Here is a sticker that works on a whole wall and does not need color to catch the eye. Source: Decorative arts

Bed linen with white wolves

Becquet This winter, we love ourselves under the duvet printed with snowy landscapes dominated by white wolves. This bed linen with a great North ambience pairs perfectly with an animal skin effect plaid and a small Nordic stool.

Let's get wild!

Paper Empire Australia Cultivate your wild side with these decorative posters accumulating wolves, polar bears and white rabbits on the walls. The little extra decoration: add messages to perfect this winter and bestial atmosphere. Source: Creative House


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