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Carrefour maison's trendy decor at low prices for Christmas

Carrefour maison's trendy decor at low prices for Christmas

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This year, the Christmas spirit invades the kitchen but also the dining room and living room table with utensils, dishes and decorations sometimes traditional, sometimes poetic and sometimes very colorful! Unusual Christmas balls, Vichy plates and cutlery, copper accessories, midnight blue dishes… Each wishlist has its wishlist! Here are our favorites among the new products of the Carrefour brand, released exclusively to prepare for Christmas Eve 2016.

Customize your Christmas decorations

Carrefour To change from your traditional Christmas balls, Carrefour had the good idea to offer decorations to personalize yourself using glitter, pearls and other small sparkling and colorful accessories. You can even involve your children to make your Christmas tree unique!

A very natural tree

Carrefour If you like your Christmas tree to blend in with the decor, opt for decorations with the image of forest animals (such as owls for example) in white, wood and gold tones like these d-shaped pendant lights star, pine cones or heart. Price: from 1.99 to 4.99 euros each ball.

The return of the Vichy motif

Carrefour At Carrefour, the Vichy motif is honored on the Christmas table. On a red and white table, choose several more modern utensils to modernize this slightly vintage look, such as an XXL pepper plant, a mason jar with a straw for the little ones (1.90 euros) and a message cutting board.

A night blue tableware

Carrefour The brand's Mysterious Night collection lives up to its name. It creates a subdued and magical atmosphere in the dining room thanks to wine glasses (10 euros for 4) and a carafe of blue water (9.90 euros) but also blue plates and cups as well as golden tips via designer napkin rings (5.90 euros for 4).

Opt for multicolored decor

Carrefour To wake up your living room in winter, nothing like colorful Christmas decorations. Choose balls of different sizes and colors, shimmering candle holders and light garlands to hang along a piece of furniture to completely transform your room.

It rocks in the kitchen!

Carrefour This year, Christmas will be delicious! On the program, funny kitchen utensils, gingham cutlery, red place mats but also irresistible small decorative accessories such as a wooden cutting board and napkin rings.

Nordic atmosphere around the table

Carrefour In a purely Scandinavian style, the table takes on a Nordic look with immaculate tableware, wooden logs as a trivet and white and wooden utensils. We love the basket in golden thread and the very elegant salt / pepper shaker.

Matt and copper colors

Carrefour For the Holidays, we adopt deep colors like a midnight blue but also copper decoration accessories that are resolutely trendy. On the table, this translates into colorful dishes, plates and coasters combined with a sparkling kettle or fondue set.

A soft and feminine table

Carrefour Among the Snowy Forest collection, we are under the spell of the porcelain service with feather patterns, both feminine and airy (29.90 euros). For perfect harmony, you can choose bowls (3 euros each) and a coffee service (14.90 euros) from the same range. The little extra? The presentation plate.


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