10 ingredients of a kitchen to live

10 ingredients of a kitchen to live

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** The kitchen is more than a place dedicated to the preparation of meals. Whether it is open or closed, the kitchen has become a living space where the whole family enjoys meeting. Today furniture, decor and household appliances are evolving to make your kitchen a pleasant space. How to create a kitchen to live? Here are our 10 ingredients to make your kitchen a warm and friendly space. **


Xaviez In modern kitchens, the table and the worktop become one for cooking while chatting and sharing real moments of conviviality.


Scavolini Cucine Light colors and a warm design will make your kitchen a pleasant and timeless living space.


Design Party Here is a fine example of modern, practical and friendly cuisine. It is open to the living room and the dining room. A Design Party creation!

A different island

Bulthaup The islands are renewed and become fully-fledged furniture. Some include a cooking piano, others like this one offered by Bulthaup, are as atypical as they are warm.

Space saving

Leroy Merlin Here is a kitchen open to the dining room which saves space while retaining a warm decor. User-friendliness according to Leroy Merlin!

Practical and bright

Belleserre Lighting plays a major role in the ambiance of a kitchen. For more warmth, prefer hanging lamps above the island, wall lights and spotlights.

Fancy Pep's

Mr Bricolage A colorful kitchen is a cheerful kitchen. Do not hesitate to choose brightly colored furniture that will be highlighted with light colored walls and a white worktop.

A little green

Castorama A living kitchen is a kitchen where vegetation has its place. Decorative green plants, flowers or aromatic herbs, it's up to you to choose the plants from your kitchen.

Transparency game For a convivial but not completely open kitchen, bet on the windows. These allow you to stay close to your family while limiting the opening of the kitchen.


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