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Bellona Garden Tour

Bellona Garden Tour

Who is passionate and has a green thumb, nothing is impossible in gardening! This is evidenced by the journey of the owner of the premises who knew how to make this land of 2,000 m2, located in the Doubs, a place of welcome for many rare and exotic plants. This is how, in this so-called "Bellona" garden in homage to an old neighboring sanctuary dedicated to the god Mars and the goddess of war Bellone -, today a Tasmanian tree fern, flowers Rostrata yuccas, trachycarpus, agaves as well as many varieties adepts of an exotic rockery environment. How do these plants, born in a milder climate, manage to adapt to the continental harshness of the Doubs? The key is coexistence with native trees - birch, cedar, maple, etc. - which provide protection from the weather for their young guests. When added to basic winter protection, winter can pass without leaving marks other than the memory of the foliage show or a gazebo with a round roof covered with snow ... Romantic, exotic, even Japanese sometimes, this Bellona garden has no shortage of assets to surprise the visitor!

Yucca Rostrata

Jardin Bellone Even if it is not a conventional garden, with flower beds and abundant, the Bellone garden knows how to welcome the touches of color useful for its pleasure.


Jardin Bellone Gleaming foliage, other sharp, a tension between the shade and the search for light ... here we are in the heart of the exotic garden!

Exotic rock garden

Jardin Bellone La rocaille exotic offers a spectacle of "final bouquet" that would never stop sending its thousand and one rockets to the skies.

Romantic Garden

Jardin Bellone The romantic reigns supreme here, as evidenced by the curvature of the branches of the tulip tree with leaves variegated with gold that respond to the scrolls and the gentle movement of the swing.

Japanese Garden

Jardin Bellone Fall is THE season of choice for maples, an interval of a few weeks during which they are allowed to show all the splendor of which they are capable. A flamboyance which contributes to the charm of the small Japanese-style garden, which also offers the visitor the possibility of resting on other elements of its composition, such as this Japanese lantern and the boxwood balls that frame it

Exotic garden

Jardin Bellone A beautiful end-of-summer day that benefits everyone: the trachycarpus which unfurl while making reserves for their future growth as well as visitors who can take advantage of their beneficial shade!

Garden of trees

Jardin Bellone The visit begins with the garden of trees which puts visitors directly in front of rare species, often with surprising shapes.

Garden of trees

Jardin Bellone Still in this garden of trees, each subject has the space it needs for its growth and to offer visitors the spectacle of fully blooming antlers.


Jardin Bellone Here we are in the "white garden", marked in summer by the flowering of hydrangeas and the leaves of the acer drumondii with leaves edged with cream. A deliberately green and white atmosphere that even winter can not lie!