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20 tips for storing your wardrobe

20 tips for storing your wardrobe

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Sort clothes by colors

Stylishly me

Sorting your clothes by color, from darkest to lightest, is a practical tip that you don't hesitate to use in your closet to see more clearly. Source: Stylishly me

Weekly storage

All things Katie Marie

To deal effectively with the daily marathon, we opt for a clothing separator. No more chore of having to choose your outfit every day, thanks to this your time is fully optimized. Source: All things Katie Marie

Sort baby clothes by size

Oakland Avenue

A trick that we do not hesitate to repeat in the dressing room of our pretty blonde heads. The solution, sort the clothes by size and possibly by season. Source: Oakland Avenue


Beach Comber

A great idea to save space in our closets and store our supplies or our foodstuffs: jars. Placed on a shelf or attached to a shelf they are all good! Source: Beach Comber

Stickers to sort your clothes


Fun and practical, these stickers will allow your toddlers to find their clothes in a jiffy. A good way to teach them to tidy up and organize themselves. Source: Crnobelo

A practical jewelry holder


For jewelry lovers, this DIY jewelry holder is ideal! Easy to make, it melts on a white wall and finds its place on a door of the dressing room. With that, we choose her outfit in full! Source: Maillardvillemanor

Tidy tights

DIY Selfies

Organizing your clothes by category is always a good solution to make it easier to find your desired accessory. The good idea: this pantyhose compartment. Source: DIY Selfies

The right way to fold your t-shirts

Darkroom & Dearly

No more wrinkled clothes in the drawers thanks to this great t-shirt folding technique that we strongly invite to test. You will tell us news! Source: Darkroom & Dearly

A fastening for clothes

In my own style

Tired of clothes that end up stacked on the floor? Pipe cleaners are wrapped around its hangers. Source: In my own style

Scarves finally put away

What I wore

The collection of winter scarves sometimes takes up a lot of space in the wardrobe. To avoid scattering them here and there in the room, consider storing them together on a hanger by making this knot to ensure that they will not slip. Source: What I wore

Custom storage boxes

A beautiful Mes

We agree that the storage boxes are essential for a tidy wardrobe! But if in addition they are beautiful and we know at a glance what they contain thanks to a photo, it's even better, right? Source: A beautiful Mes

Hang accessories

The chic home

Until then your scarves, bags and belts were heaped in the bottom of your closet? Follow the example of this very simple DIY to end this nasty craze! Source: The chic home

Tidy drawers

BHG / Paige Smith

Tidy drawers save time every morning - no more "Aaaaah! Where are my blue socks with pink polka dots?" Two proposals: the first, use pieces of PVC pipe cut to the height of your drawer; the second, just as practical but in vintage version, pretty porcelain cups which are used to store your jewelry. Source: BHG / Paige Smith

Use your dressing room door


Have you thought about using your wardrobe door as a storage space? For that, nothing could be simpler, we install bars - yes, yes, like the ones we use in the kitchen! You can store your scarves and even your shoes using S hooks. Source: Mariaemb

DIY accessory holder

Spark & ​​Chemistry

A hanger, shower rings, a little glue and here is a nice and practical accessory holder! Source: Spark & ​​Chemistry

Pretty wire scarf holder


Another nice DIY to make a wire scarf holder while delicacy. Source: Poppytalk

Smart baskets for organized dressing

Sawdust & embryos

Hooks, small openwork baskets. It was enough to think about it! With this ingenious system, we optimize our shelves. Perfect here for little baby stuff! But adults will find their way there as well. Source: Sawdust & embryos

Wooden accessory holder

Brit + Co

To store - with class - your sunglasses, your jewelry, your small accessories, we really like this DIY wooden display. Source: Brit + co

And the children's wardrobe?

Make life lovely

And the children? For an organization at the top, here is an excellent idea: prepare the weekend all your children's outfits for the coming week, to do this, we offer organizers to install in the wardrobe for each day of the week and at free download. Source: Make life lovely