A flashy wall to wake up the living room

A flashy wall to wake up the living room

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The living room is a living room that welcomes us for moments of sharing with family or friends. It is also a room where you like to hang out, read, listen to music or watch a good movie. It is for all these reasons that we all must have a pleasant living room. For this, we have a solution: wake up your living room by painting one of the walls in a flashy color. Are you septic? Let us convince you with this slideshow.

Midnight blue

Dulux Valentine Midnight blue is a dark color that exudes a change of scenery. With it, it is possible to work a monochrome or to highlight furniture and decorative elements. Because it is a dark color, we avoid repainting the wall facing the window.

A yellow wall

Dulux Valentine Yellow is undoubtedly a color full of energy. We love its warmth and its luminosity. Yellow goes well with gray and white, but also all contemporary furniture. On the other hand, yellow does not go well with all the colors of wood, prefer dark colors.

Blue and white

Dulux Valentine Here you discover a living room where everything is white: the floor, the beams, the ceiling and a good part of the furniture. To wake up the whole, the back wall has been painted blue and some of the furniture is made of wood. A success !

A pink wall

Dulux Valentine Pink is making a comeback in our interiors. He lost his feminine side and opted for the high-end. Pink goes perfectly with a contemporary decor as with a traditional decor. It brings warmth and comfort, and undoubtedly becomes an ideal color for the living room.


Dulux Valentine Long shunned, purple is making a comeback in 2014 decor trends. Bright, modern and elegant, it goes well with wooden furniture and all neutral colors. It perfectly enhances a classic decor while giving it pep.

Long live the orange

Ikea Orange is a warm, ethnic color that you can easily adopt in your living room. This color supports black furniture just like white furniture, classic as well as contemporary.

Green bottle

Maisons du Monde Bottle green is our favorite color. It highlights the raw wood and many other colors such as yellow or blue. The bottle green is ideal with a modern decor as with a classic decor.

The freshness of the green

Dulux Valentine Green is a soothing color that reminds us of nature. We love combining green with wood, white and neutral shades. It is the color to adopt if your living room opens onto a balcony or garden, it is also a color suitable for classic apartments in big cities.

Purple and white

La Redoute Here you will find a very warm living room where color is at the center of the decor. We love the small purple walls highlighted by its marriage with the white walls but also the green sofa and the decorative elements colorful.