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What are the colors of Christmas?

What are the colors of Christmas?

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Who says Christmas says Christmas colors. From the most obvious - red, green and golden - to the most unsuspected - powder pink, black and orange, this slideshow highlights the colors that make Christmas magic. To make your party decor a success, combine colors and avoid chromatic escalation. We tell you everything in this article.

The green

Zara Home "My beautiful tree, king of decoration, I love your greenery!" Installed on the podium of traditional Christmas colors, green sets the tone for the party on the color side. Evoking the Christmas tree, an essential centerpiece of the house but also holly and mistletoe, green breathes like no other spirit of the Lapp forests in the interiors.

The White

Maisons du Monde An essential Christmas color, white evokes the immaculate forests of the Far North, its snowflakes and its polar cold. Combined with red and green, white brings the classic Christmas decor to life. Married in shades of gold and silver, it dresses the decor with a * glitter * and metallic dress for the most beautiful effect for the holidays!

The golden

Zara Home Festive color par excellence, gold goes well with candles and champagne bubbles that wriggle on the table. Combined with red, white or royal blue, gold warms the atmosphere. Balls, garlands or a star perched above the tree: nothing can resist him, not even the Art Deco style which he embodies with chic.

The silver

Maisons du Monde Pearly balls, rhinestone decorations and flocked effect compositions decorate the Christmas decor with a very noticeable coat of light. Combined with gray, white and natural hues, silver adds a chic and glamorous DNA to the decor. Your interior shines brightly, no doubt: it's party time!


Maisons du Monde Blue immerses us in a world of mysteries, dreams and wonders. Evoking the sweet nights of Christmas, it materializes in candle jars, balls and garlands in royal and deep hues. The height of chic: the blue and gold combination places Christmas decor under the sign of elegance!


Maisons du Monde For Christmas holidays in the purest chalet spirit, we play the card of brown and natural colors. In terms of materials, we prefer the warmth of wood, linen and ropes. As for accessories, there are more and more reminders to the forest. Branches, pine cones and animals sing a hymn to Mother Nature and envelop you with tenderness.


Maisons du Monde For a sweet Christmas romance, bet on pastel shades. Powder pink, lavender blue and pistachio green: the recipe for a light and delicate party decor that puts greediness in the spotlight. Combined with organza, linen or natural wood, pastel envelops the Christmas decor with a nice, cozy and feminine touch.


Ikea In decoration as in fashion, black lends itself to the most beautiful associations. Black and gold, black and white, black and natural, black and blue, black and silver: so many weddings that come out of the classic colors of Christmas. Johnny had said wrong: if "Black is black", it is also full of hope!

The multicolor

Maisons du Monde What better opportunity than Christmas to add colors to your decor without the risk of missteps? For a Christmas party with bohemian, * gypsy chic * or vintage accents, we play with orange, duck blue, mustard yellow - all these colors that smell of childhood memories - and we dare vintage shapes on the Christmas tree. The conviviality is there!