Design style: 10 garden furniture ideas

Design style: 10 garden furniture ideas

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Did you know that design style can be installed both indoors and outdoors? Thanks to garden furniture with clean lines and very trendy, your terrace or your garden takes on the appearance of a highly design living room. To help you choose your furniture, we offer our top 10!

A woven resin dining table To take your meals in a design atmosphere, you can also bet on the woven resin garden tables which will renew the look of bistro version garden furniture. We offer this material in white to create a French Riviera atmosphere.

A garden furniture with refined benches

Maisons du monde If you want more traditional benches, opt for wood but in a minimalist version. On the color side, we will focus on white to accentuate the purity of the lines of the furniture.

A woven resin dining area To change from the traditional dining table and give yourself a more designer look, you can opt for a high and narrow table in woven resin that will be accessorized with high stools to create a very graphic bar.

A daring armchair

Hesperide The design style also goes through original furniture that offers very daring lines like this hanging armchair which revisits the traditional swing to instill a design look by the pool.

A plastic garden furniture Exit the cheap plastic garden furniture, today, designers are taking this material to give it back its acclaim! Polypropylene then takes modern forms in one piece and in a brilliant white.

A dining table like inside To make the garden or the balcony the extension of the style of the house, you can bet on a dining table that could also be installed indoors thanks to its trendy lines and highly design.

A set of black garden To create a refined and very chic style on the terrace, we use black which will highlight bold profiled lines. Again, we would gladly install this model in the living room.

A wooden garden furniture

Alinéa If you want the warmth of wood, you can also combine the design style by choosing clean lines for the structure of the furniture. We will then add black cushions to offer the chic trendy touch of the design style.

Chairs like inside

Leroy Merlin Finally, when it comes to outdoor chairs, know that you will have the choice between many design possibilities as is the case for the interior of the house. We can even afford transparent sleek chairs!