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Farandole of styles for your kitchen

Farandole of styles for your kitchen

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You change your kitchen but you don't know which style to adopt? Here is a panorama of styles that should inspire you…

Loft atmosphere

Schmidt ### Gray concrete-colored tiles to match the worktop, wood for furniture in the style of trade furniture, central island to create an open space without partitions: here is the ideal trio to create a loft atmosphere in the kitchen. Most ? Spice it all up with a few black touches (chairs, door) that bring out the decor materials.

Sophisticated cuisine

Schmidt ### In this kitchen, elegance is in the spotlight. The secret ? The bright and dazzling whiteness of the floor, the facades and the splashback as a strong element of the decor, enhanced by a subtle contrast of black and green. Indeed, the black sink dug in the worktop brings a sober side while the grass color is a touch of greenery that brightens up the atmosphere wonderfully.

Naturally contemporary

Schmidt ### Between softness and modernity, beech gives the room an allure. Here is a light wood clad kitchen (furniture, floor, blinds), with rounded lines halfway between authenticity and modernity. To enhance the natural color and bring out the contemporary aspect, we put on accessories and door handles in brushed metal.

Rustic chic

Goal ### Fancy a modern rustic kitchen? Here is something to inspire you. The key word is gray! A gradation of gray shades takes over the floor, the artificially aged furniture with handcrafted finishes and the tiling of the worktops. The country chic spirit seems to be there!

Black & white

Schmidt ### Symphony of black and white for an ultra modern kitchen. Most ? A curved worktop to affirm the elegant character of the place.

Delicate cuisine

Goal ### Furniture that does not give a glimpse of what is stored there, all white cupboards, a touch of mineral gray that accentuates the softness of the space: these are the key elements of a soothing and delicate kitchen. The final touch? Enhance the atmosphere with a bouquet of flowers!


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