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A graphic apartment in Helsinki

A graphic apartment in Helsinki

The interior designer Susanna Vento imagined a very graphic atmosphere for her own apartment located in Helsinki. With a predominance of black and white, the decoration is displayed in the purest Scandinavian style without any monotony: the mottled furniture mixes with thanks to designer pieces and iconic accessories, to the delight of the owners! offers you a guided tour of this interior as charming as it is pleasant to live in.

A cheerful and lively ceiling

Petra Bindel To brighten up the atmosphere in her apartment, Susanna Vento hung a large light garland above the dining table, which also doubles as a pendant light. Always in the spirit of a fairground, multicolored pennants adorn her daughter's room while bringing the essential touch of color to a child's room.

Mastery of style

Petra Bindel In the dining room, the eye is immediately attracted by a superposition of graphic carpets on the floor: the mixture of patterns harmonizes perfectly while twisting the slightly too wise style of the furniture. The chairs, all mismatched, were bought over time by the owner of the place.

A few touches of blue

Petra Bindel Spikes of blue were scattered in the large living room to "break" the omnipresence of black and white. A pretty Thonet chair was also customized by Susanna, who simply repainted part of the base in royal blue.

Functional storage for the entrance

Petra Bindel The apartment is small but very well thought out: many practical storage spaces have been arranged by the couple in order to store their personal effects in an optimized and aesthetic manner. The entrance was designed as a dressing room, with poufs to remove your shoes, a wall pocket and a large mirror to reflect the light and visually enlarge the space.

A joyful and punchy child's bedroom!

Petra Bindel Susanna's little daughter is growing up in the playful and colorful world imagined by her mother. The immaculate floor and walls are harmoniously awakened by numerous touches of color in the form of accessories, textiles and wall posters.

Iconic objects

Petra Bindel Susanna assumes that a child's bedroom should be just as graphic as the rest of the apartment! The young mother therefore found a large String wall shelf, on which are exposed her daughter's favorite treasures and toys. Below, a coat hanger "Hang it all" by designers Charles and Ray Eames accessorizes the bedroom in style.

An immaculate adult bedroom

Petra Bindel White predominates in the generously sized master bedroom. The XXL pendant lamp made of intertwined naked bulbs represents the only source of color for this bright and soothing room.

An office area in the bedroom

Petra Bindel The spacious room can accommodate an office without the night space being affected. Arranged in a simple and graphic way, like the rest of the room, it allows the stylist to work at home with confidence.

A Zen bathroom

Petra Bindel On the bathroom side, the owners opted for an almost monastic simplicity. The white tiles are accessorized with a few light wooden baskets and objects dear to Susanna.