10 eco-friendly furniture to discover

10 eco-friendly furniture to discover

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Ecological and design furniture, it's possible! Industrialists and designers have teamed up to create products with environmentally friendly materials. A quick overview of the furniture that dresses our interiors in an eco-responsible way.

A tangy library

Nonah Combine design and ecology with this library with colored modules in birch wood from eco-managed forests. Its small size and practicality make it the ally of children in a bedroom or in a playroom.

A coffee table made of derived panels

Gautier For a raw style in the living room, opt for this coffee table in wood-based panels. It consists of drawers and a tray on several floors which bring a very designer touch to the room.

100% recyclable seat

Inno This armchair of the Finnish brand INNO is durably designed with a shell in 100% recyclable polyester felt. To slice with its black seat, put on a blood-colored comfort cushion like orange for example.

A melamine cabinet

Gautier In terms of storage, the wardrobe also plays the card of responsible furniture. Choose a model with an imitation oak coating to create a Zen and relaxing atmosphere.

A modern and eco-friendly dresser

My children's room For the baby's room, we opt for a small, sleek dresser with modern lines. For a cozy style, you can install it near a wall with warm colors or a clear paneling covering.

An eco-friendly TV stand

Camif For an eco-friendly design TV corner, we choose this piece of particle board furniture with clean lines and a trendy look. Its drawers and two openings allow for harmonious storage where nothing protrudes.

An eco-friendly canopy bed

Gautier This little girl's bed, made with wood-based panels, plays on overlapping and interlocking. For a princess bedroom atmosphere, install light curtains in accordance with the duvet cover and the pillows.

A poplar mobile partition

Swell Inspired by plants and seascapes, this light wavy screen is made from poplar from eco-managed forests. Installed in a living room or bedroom, it offers a real touch of refinement to your interior.

A driftwood towel rack

Natural blue This towel holder is designed in driftwood, a raw material that does not exhaust natural resources. Very decorative, you can use it in the bathroom as in the living room to store the plaids.