An original decoration for the child's bedroom

An original decoration for the child's bedroom

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Children also have the right to their decor. Room of princess, pirate, adventurer, they all wish to flourish in a decor that resembles them. To help them create a world of their own, discover in pictures 10 original decorating ideas to adopt.

A caravan as a bed

Mathy by Bols It feels like you are constantly on vacation with this caravan-shaped bed from Mathy by Bols. Your toddlers will make it a space for play, travel and dreams and will no longer be reluctant to go to bed every night!

Forest trip

AM PM This night light in the shape of a large mushroom diffuses a soft and reassuring light filtered through small holes to give a magical atmosphere to the room. A decorative touch straight out of a children's story.

A flight of butterflies

Maisons du Monde Bring a bucolic and springtime atmosphere in a little girl's room with this flight of paper butterflies. To make it even more real, you can hang butterflies of different sizes more or less scattered on the wall.

A rattan armchair with a retro feel

Fresh & Vintage Accompanied by a small colorful felt cushion, this charming rattan armchair is a great idea in a child's room. Light, compact and purely vintage with its rounded shapes, it brings a very pleasant retro touch to the decor.

F1 race

Maisons du Monde Little boys already imagine themselves to be great champions in this room which is inspired by the stands of F1 races. We put on a car-shaped bed and on a carpet with a circuit pattern to harmonize the decor.

We pitch the tent

Mathy by Bols Another creation at Mathy by Bols, this tent bed for nights under the stars. In order to adapt to all universes, you can paint it in the color of your choice and customize it as desired with flower stickers for example.

Animal hooks

La Redoute What if you make storage fun? To make your children want to leave their stuff lying around, choose coat hooks with funny animal heads to hang online or scattered on the wall.

A headboard in stickers

Vert Baudet If you want to accentuate the headboard side in your children's room, bet on a large colored sticker. To harmonize everything, choose bed linen with identical patterns and tones.

A pretty Indian tent

Serendipity To make your children's bedroom a unique place to play, build them a teepee in which they will live a thousand and one adventures. To make it a space of comfort and decoration, you can install small fleece rugs and some colorful cushions.


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