Spring pastel!

Spring pastel!

You've probably noticed it in fashion magazines: this spring your wardrobe is adorned with pastel colors! And in the house, it's the same since the walls and decorative accessories are also entitled to a pretty very soft and spring color.

Pastel colors to illuminate

Ripolin Choosing light colors is a real decorative tip to illuminate your interior. Indeed, with pastel blue or pastel yellow, your room will seem bathed in light. Do not hesitate to mix two colors to accentuate this effect.

Boudoir-style pastel

Maisons du monde Young girls are sure to be seduced by the fashion of pastel colors. They will indeed create a very feminine boudoir atmosphere in a room. We put on a pink dragee with almond green. A nod to the famous boxes of macaroons from the house Ladurée.

Pastel to soften

Aviva To soften a room with very pure lines, you can bet on one or two touches of pastel. In this very designer kitchen, the blue cupboards and the pink refrigerator bring cheerfulness to a very original room.

Vitamin pastel

Little Greene Choosing pastel colors does not mean that your interior will be bland, on the contrary. By combining several colors such as yellow, pink and blue you will create a very spring vitamin cocktail.

An original cuisine

Ikea This little kitchen is not lacking in originality! If its size leaves little room for decoration, it puts everything on the pastel color with soft pink cupboards and a sky blue chair.

Feminine cuisine

Aviva If women want to make the kitchen their favorite room, they can opt for furniture in soft and pastel colors. Here, pink inevitably brings a touch of femininity to the whole.

A bubble bathroom

Sanijura To transform the bathroom into a soft setting dedicated to relaxation, we use pastel colors like pink. Integrate these touches of color in a very clear environment to accentuate the effect.

Zen atmosphere

Ripolin To create an atmosphere that is both zen and very fresh in the house, we use green water. Combine with white, it will illuminate the room with originality.

Almond green

Dulux Valentine Some pastels are so soft that they can be used almost in total look. Almond green, for example, can be easily installed in a room to give it a real touch of sweetness.