The kitchen is dressed in gray

The kitchen is dressed in gray

If you hesitate to opt for gray in your kitchen, quickly discover our selection of atmospheres having explored the different facets of this sometimes urban, more or less contemporary and often very chic color.

Loft spirit

Purpose Red brick walls, concrete color, stainless steel accessories and clean lines: the loft style is not far away. Notice to amateurs…


Aviva Gray and pink go hand in hand. Indeed, framed in a delicate gray shade, the pale pink furniture in the kitchen is beautifully highlighted. The result ? A soft and absolutely feminine atmosphere.

Total look

Goal The time when the gray color was unwelcome in decoration is a distant memory. From now on, it is not uncommon to dare the total gray look, mouse, taupe or bitumen version! After all, given its ultra chic look, it would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.


Schmidt Combining gray color and natural humor is possible! Demonstration in pictures with this kitchen with raw wood furniture, gray appearance.


Purpose The kitchen worktop is surrounded by furniture, bottom, top, sides. A gray lacquered frame devoid of handles which underline a nice design bias, sober and refined.

Silver reflections

Fly Here, the splashback presides over the kitchen. From the top of her metallic coat, she gives the room a chic side that awakens the decor dressed in wenge and white bricks.

Peppery gray

Lapeyre With pepper-gray furniture combined with bright red walls, the kitchen reveals a sacred temperament that will delight it. An ideal setting for activating near the stoves.


Hygena Leaning against white brick walls, the gray aluminum furniture of this kitchen brings grace, softness and lightness into the decor. We love !

A harmonious and qualitative cuisine

Leroy Merlin We admire this large countertop work plan allowing you to spread out and cook without constraints. The double bar of suspended luminaires brings a small "industrial" touch always very fashionable and which one cannot do without any more. Special mention: the contrast between the raw wood of the worktop and the glossy gray effect of the storage boxes.

Gray blue, the new chic and trendy color

Hygéna Warmer and more daring than neutral tones, this gray blue is perfect for a kitchen. With an assumed bias and a beautiful authenticity, this blue cuisine, authentically mixes raw and natural materials. Leaning against a white brick wall, the facades in metallic acrylic and the hood in brushed aluminum create an industrial atmosphere ... The high stools and factory lights bring the ultimate vintage touch.

Gray with vivid colors

Hygena We certainly think too little to match your living room and kitchen. Even if these two pieces are not the same color, they can still maintain consistency. The light gray kitchen here brings softness to the anise green of the living / dining room and offers a good readability of the space.

User-friendliness combined with design

Cuisinella According to many of us, white is messy and black brings out traces. What could be better, then, than gray? It is this color that we will put this year in our kitchens. The gray central island, slightly tauped like the whole, allows you to circulate all around it with the necessary and desired space. Thanks to this available space, reserved for large kitchens, anyone can act as a kitchen clerk.

We give the green light to gray cuisine

Ixina For this beautiful kitchen dressed in green and gray, each space is reflected. We play with the effect of transparency on some of the storage spaces, and we scatter small touches of color like the different small orange, red or white pots. In this lively and colorful space, we attend a nicely organized "bazaar".

Gray without looking gray

Ixina Very few colors are present in this gray kitchen, and yet this total look is splendid. The materials are mixed: the wood in the floor and in the cupboards meets the stainless steel in the hood and in the cupboards as well as the concrete in the walls. And it works perfectly.

Work on your gray matter while decorating

Lapeyre It is appreciated for the kitchen to bet on the total look. Here, dressed in gray, the rustic kitchen revisited is nevertheless enhanced with raw wood worktops to match the dining table. We notice that, in a gradient, the gray gives a delicate atmosphere to the kitchen. We cannot hesitate any longer.

The "factory" spirit dresses my kitchen

Leroy Merlin We let appear the ventilation duct to add a little "more" to the "factory" trend that dresses our kitchen and the result is brilliant. We add to that, a wooden table and stainless steel on the lining of the cupboards and fridge and we get a style at the top of the current trend. Sparkling!

Stylish cuisine in two colors

Goal Nothing better than light and color to want to cook in a space dedicated to this activity. The linearity of the hollows acting as handles, gives a design touch to the whole and we appreciate it all the more. The whole kitchen has been really designed to respect the mix of duck blue and gray color. A splendid design.

My gray bistro-style cuisine

Tollens For this bistro-style kitchen, color has been used in a subtle way to highlight the magnificent old bar counter and its tiling. The choice of colors fell on several shades of gray which discreetly underline some elements of the room, door and column. To bring a note of freshness, the side wall is painted in a bright water green.