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Chez Delphine de Canecaude: 200m² of design and pitcher

Chez Delphine de Canecaude: 200m² of design and pitcher

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When Delphine de Canecaude, head of Red Star, The Red List and Stella Studio, visited this occupied apartment, then, by a set of offices, it was love at first sight and the sale was signed in less than a fifteen minutes. Built over time, the decoration of this Haussmannian apartment is a beautiful mixture of design and jug.

Open spaces

Mahault de St Hilaire In this period apartment, we had to deal with the already delimited spaces and their many doors. To avoid partitioning all the rooms in the house while keeping the authentic character of the apartment, the doors have been designed with glass panes.

A library in the dining room

Mahault de St Hilaire In a very arty spirit, the dining room invites to nourish the body, with this large walnut table surrounded by designer and mismatched chairs, but also the spirit, with this beautiful library filled with works on travel art and books.

Show your books

Mahault de St Hilaire With their different sizes and colors, the books in the library are an integral part of the decoration. By playing on their layout, Delphine creates spaces to put some personal items.

Recover and travel memories in the room

Mahault de St Hilaire From her travels, Delphine brought back many memories that she knew how to integrate into the decoration of her apartment. In this room, the ethnic side of the objects on the wall go perfectly with the industrial furniture.

A design and refined room

Mahault de St Hilaire Furnished with symmetry, this room does not lack fantasy with its bedside lamps and mismatched cushions. To create a more intimate and cocooning atmosphere in this large room with minimalist decor, we chose a screen as a headboard.

Minimalist and contemporary cuisine

Mahault de St Hilaire This ultra contemporary cuisine has found its place in an interior yet marked by a retro spirit. With its minimalist style, it remains discreet and functional

Between kitchen and art gallery

Mahault de St Hilaire Who says very large spaces necessarily says a lot of walls to dress. Rather than placing shelves and large pieces of furniture, Delphine opted for XXL frames and canvases. In addition to bringing an arty touch to the decor, they transform the kitchen into a real art gallery.

Objects found in curiosity cabinet style

Mahault de St Hilaire The top of the fireplace serves as a display for a whole series of vintage items. With its glass bells and unusual objects, this fireplace takes on the appearance of a small cabinet of curiosities.

Works of art, photos and masking tape in the entrance

Mahault de St Hilaire Like the other rooms, the entrance does not lack character. The buffalo head was completed with a series of photos fixed with a few pieces of colored masking tape. An idea that you can easily adopt for your home!

A vintage and graphic bathroom

Mahault de St Hilaire Here too, styles mix but, unlike the rest of the apartment, it is mainly the materials that dress the room. The walk-in bathtub, the deliberately decrepit wall and the irregular wall tiles bring a vintage spirit to this bathroom. To the retro side is added the raw side and the industrial spirit of the glass roof and the tiles of the shower as well as the graphic pattern of the floor tiles.

Bringing light into a bathroom

Mahault de St Hilaire If the apartment was bathed in light, it was not the case with the bathroom. So, to take advantage of the natural light in the other rooms, a glass roof was placed on a wall and a mirror hung just in front to reflect more of the light it lets through.

An arty lounge

Mahault de St Hilaire Mismatched and colorful sofas and armchairs, vintage rugs, designer decor ... in this living room, all the ingredients are there to create an arty atmosphere. To avoid overloading the room, the white walls are left almost bare.

Design and recuperation for the whole house

Mahault de St Hilaire Vintage objects, works of art, travel and family souvenirs give this style all its style. But as, in this apartment, one room calls for another, Delphine has developed this spirit between design and recuperation in all rooms.

Design and unusual objects to decorate

Mahault de St Hilaire In this apartment, the decor is also played in detail. This lamp with an original design has found its place in the kitchen where it brings fantasy and color. Delphine de Canecaude was accompanied by Charles-Henri Tachon for this apartment project.


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